Carlos Queiroz gave details of the suicide of a former Colombia National Team worker

After Álvaro González Alzate, a member of the Colombian Football Federation who has been in that institution for several years, accused Carlos Queiroz of leaving the Colombian National Team kicked out, the Mozambique coach pointed him out as one of the authors of his departure from the team. ‘Tricolor’.

In a letter published by Marca Claro Colombia, Queiroz accused the directors of the FCF and defended the people who were with him in the Colombian National Team because “They always worked with total dedication and professionalism, even when the health and safety conditions were not the most appropriate.exposing himself to the risk that COVID-19 generated.”

In fact, the nationalized Portuguese brought up the suicide of Des McAleenanwho was in the ‘Tricolor’ as a goalkeeper coach and took his own life a year ago, exactly.

Queiroz recalled that the delivery of people by the Colombian National Team was such that this “staff member, in full exercise of his duties, contracted COVID-19, remaining isolated in a hotel room in Bogotá and without supportwhile the rest of the staff left for Barranquilla to fulfill the commitments of the month of November”.

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After that trip, the former coach of the Colombian National Team saw that his partner was very mentally diminished and that it worsened after a few months. “Upon returning to Bogotá we found a person in a state of significant depression, adding to this the Federation’s decision to kick out the coaching staff, they worsened the situation, leading Des McAleenan to end his life“, says Queiroz.

In fact, the coach sent a taunt for the people who did not support him, since the Irish goalkeeper coach was also mentioned in journalism for the debacle of the Colombian National Team in November 2020.

As long as I live, I will also keep the memory of Des McAleenan alive. And everyone who supported him in any way, or didn’t, will have to deal with their own conscience,” said the coach who recently led Egypt to a final.



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