All Set For The State Judo Championship

Solidarity athletes rub their hands to get into action in the competition that will allocate places for the Macro Regional Championship scheduled to take place from April 8 to 10 in Yucatan.

The Judo Selection of the municipality of Solidaridad, led by coach Juan Echevarría Martí, declared itself ready to go into action this Saturday in the state eliminatory of the process towards the CONADE 2022 National Games.

The team is made up of 12 athletes led by Isabella Nicole Dzul Rosado, division of the 64 kilograms Sub-15, silver medalist at the CONADE 2021 National Games; and Jade Segura Morales, 70 kilograms, U-18, bronze medalist in the same competition.

The other athletes that are part of the selection are: Zoe Cristel Rodríguez, +64 kg and Camilo Proa Garate, 44kg in the Sub-15; Ámbar Xiadani Aguilar González, 63 kg, Galilea Sinaí Sánchez Medina, +70 kg, Gregorio Hilerio Domínguez, 50 kg, Christian Jacob Caballo Rodríguez, 55 kg, Cristopher Jhovany Rodas Alemán, 60 kg and Ángel Alexis Rodas Alemán 66 kg in the Sub- 18.

While Katherine Nicole Mukul Graciano, 52 kg, and Hugo Apango Álvarez, 60 kg, will represent the solidarity team in the U-21 division, in which athletes such as gold medalist Naomi Pozo Flores from Cancún participate.

The competition will take place this Saturday from nine in the morning at the High Performance State Center (CEDAR) in the city of Cancun, where athletes from all over the state will meet in the categories: children, minor youth, youth senior and junior senior.

The athletes of the state will be measured in search of qualifying for the Macro Regional Championship scheduled to take place from April 8 to 10 in Yucatan.



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