A trip to Japan in the world of judo with Salvatore La Porta – Cronaca

A book that talks about the birth of judo and its development in a Japan crossed by a generational conflict and values. Appointment today at 6.30 pm at the Jack Rabbit in Massa with Salvatore La Porta presenting “Judo“, a work in which he tells of his journey to discover a sport that has very ancient roots. On the one hand, the old feudal society, on the other the new one that tries in every way to open up to the outside world. The rhythm of the narration is instead marked by the autobiographical events of the author who, like many others, faces the first pandemic wave as if it were a fight on the Tatami. La Porta speaks precisely of the meaning of defeat. A judoka learns first of all to fall and then to get up, following the flow of events. In the background of the sotria, Japan at the end of the 19th century which features a master and the best fighters of the time.



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