Yoyo Maldonado, in depth about Independiente: Velasco, the situation of Bustos, the departure of Romero and more

The general secretary of the Red referred to the chance of the jewel being sold to the MLS, among other issues.

Héctor “Yoyo” Maldonado, Secretary General of Independiente, gave an interview where he touched on different topics: the possible sale of Alan Velasco to the MLS, the departure of Silvio Romero, the situation of Bustos, the inhibitions and more.

Maldonado put a stop to the possible sale of Alan Velasco

Independiente seemed determined to sell Alan Velasco to Dallas of the MLS. However, the great performance of the jewel in the friendly against Talleres and the reaction of the fans could make the club back down.

“The subject of Velasco is cold. We want to retain him. We believe that he is a very important player for Independiente. There is a situation that occurs through the representatives, who want to negotiate it. We are trying to find the best for Independiente,” Maldonado said in an interview with Radio The Network.

Alan Velasco - Independent - Dallas

On the other hand, the leader was confident that the club will be able to lift the inhibitions: “At the beginning of the championship we will have it solved”.

Maldonado trusts that Bustos will renew with Independiente

Yoyo Maldonado assured that they are in dialogue with Fabricio Bustos and wants him to sign the renewal of his contract soon. At the same time, He indicated that the decision for him not to play was made by coach Eduardo Domínguez and not by the leadership.

Fabrizio Bustos

“We were talking with the people of River. We had an offer. Later, the reasons why the sale did not materialize, I know that there was a short circuit between the leaders of River and the representative. I don’t know the details,” he said.

“We have a dialogue with Bustos. We have known Fabricio since he was a boy. I think his intention is to sign. I hope he makes the decision to sign to return something of everything that Independiente gave him. Let’s hope it works in the best way. We love him very much. He is a person who deserves all respect. We are respecting him as a person and a player,” he added on the subject.

Silvio Romero's goal in Independiente-Arsenal

Maldonado and Romero’s departure from Independiente

Héctor Maldonado referred to the departure of Silvio Romero, scorer and captain of the Red who went to Fortaleza in Brazil. “I think he had a family problem. We made the decision to let him go. He expressed us. We understood that he needed a change of scenery for him and his family. For there in a year is back”, He said.

Maldonado, surprised by the work of Eduardo Domínguez

Héctor Maldonado explained what surprised him about Eduardo Domínguez’s work in his first weeks at the helm of the team. “I was surprised by the capacity for work that he has and what he instills in the players. It caught my attention. He likes what he does, he likes being in Independiente. He didn’t care about Independiente’s problems. He feels it in his heart. It motivates you”, he affirmed. And he sentenced, excited: “We are going for the championship”.

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