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Woj excludes 3 cash stars from the Ben Simmons trade!

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While the deadline is in less than a month, the discussions concerning Ben Simmons are as complex as ever. Adrian Wojnarowski has just made a new point, while excluding 3 stars from a possible trade: decidedly, Daryl Morey is not kidding.

In less than a month now, the NBA will welcome its usual deadline, when the trades arrive in shambles. The franchises play the watch on the exchanges, hoping that some leaders crack for the future playoffs. In the case of the Sixers, that’s another scenario.

Unsurprisingly, Ben Simmons is still in Philadelphia, refusing to play for some reason. Daryl Morey tries to trade him, but he persists: he wants a star in exchange for his player, or nothing. We could even speak of a superstar when we see the last name mentioned.

Tracks already ruled out concerning Ben Simmons

As you can imagine, that’s a price no one wants to pay. The franchises wait until the deadline, hoping that Morey changes his mind. Nevertheless, given Adrian Wojnarowski’s last outing on the file, we can already forget: we have to believe that the whole could last until the summer, or even more.

Harrison Barnes, Domantas Sabonis, John Collins, it’s not going to interest the Sixers, it doesn’t make sense to them, they don’t want a strong winger.

We are talking about three big players, able to do great feats in their respective franchise. However, that is not enough for Philadelphia, which hopes to recover even more in a possible transaction. At present, we are therefore quite far from an exchange.

But there is hope, like this last important decision taken by the front office in Philly. Morey really wants to put an end to this soap opera, even if it means associating other assets. Will this be enough? We will know more by February 10.

Ben Simmons soon traded? Let’s say that unfortunately we do not take the path. The Australian can still wait, because Daryl Morey is proving very difficult in the negotiations, perhaps too much for some. Progress is possible, but not before the deadline.

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