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After 6 am on a holiday, the winter training that started before sunrise did not lose heat at all even before noon.

Sota Fukuzumi, a second-year student who runs for 30 minutes for the second time on this day, calls out to Tomohiro Shigematsu, a first-year student with a painful expression, “Follow me!” Captain Tatsuki Nishioka shouts radiantly, “Everyone has a nice face!” Matsuyama Commercial players even seemed to enjoy how close they were to their limits.

When I called out to Director Yasuya Ohno, who was watching over the players, “It’s a mood of” new “rather than” old man “”, Director Ohno with a smile returned such an answer.

“It’s no good to be called an old man.”

Director Yasuya Ohno, who was assigned to Matsuyama Commercial High School in April 2020 (center of the photo)
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[Recommended for the shocking 21st century frame]

The news that flowed to the high school baseball world on November 9, 2021 was even shocking.

Matsuyama Sho was selected as a recommended school in Ehime prefecture for the 21st century frame of the high school baseball tournament selected next spring.

Why is the prestigious Koshien championship 7 times and spring / summer 42 times Koshien participation record in the 21st century frame? Some may have been surprised at the fact that Matsuyama Commercial has been away from Koshien for 20 years.

In recent years, Ehime’s high school baseball has been led by Imabari Nishi and Saibi. And Matsuyama Commercial, who was once called “Summer General” and produced many baseball players, continued to be sluggish.

At that time, there was a surprising personnel change at a public high school in Ehime prefecture. In April 2020, Director Ohno, who raised Imabari Nishi to become a regular Koshien school, was transferred to Matsuyama Sho. Director Ohno said he was surprised at the moment he received the resignation, “Will that happen?”

In Imabari Nishi, he led him to participate in Koshien in either spring or summer for the ninth consecutive year since 2006, his second year as a coach. In 2012, he also served as a coach for the U-18 Japan National Team.

It is said that Director Ohno, who is an OB of Imabari Nishi and is appointed as the director of a prestigious school as “Tozama”, had no negative feelings. Director Ohno explains the reason as follows.

“Masanori Joko (former director Saibi High School / deceased) often said,’High school baseball is the same as sumo.’ The ranking will be decided by the results of several places in the near future. Even if you win, you have to think separately from now. No matter how much Matsuyama Sho has a track record that everyone admits, the reality is that he hasn’t been in Koshien for 20 years. I thought it was my job to identify and build a team. “



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