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The game center is a “training ground” = Japan is a fighting game powerhouse

――I would like to ask about the world of professional gamers and e-sports, but if you don’t join a team or have a sponsor, will it be difficult to do activities such as expeditionary expenses?

SometimesI’ve never heard of eating with a single prize in the area of ​​fighting games that I mainly play. Currently, I am not on the team, but I have a contract with the sponsor alone. There is no such thing as a format for the contract details, and I think it varies from person to person.

However, nowadays, it is becoming possible to make other ways of earning money, starting with Internet distribution. I think it’s easier for me to do personal activities than before. When I became a professional gamer, it really made a difference depending on whether or not I had a sponsor.

――The United States is strong in basketball, Georgia is strong in tennis, etc., but what is the strength of e-sports by such countries?

SometimesI think it depends on the genre. When it comes to fighting games, it’s a domestic game, and there has always been a place for training called an arcade, so considering that, Japan is one of the fighting game powerhouses.

――Do you feel that Japan’s strength is consistent?

SometimesThe United States is getting stronger these days. After all, the population is large, so naturally there will be more strong players who work hard together. Right now, it’s in competition with Japan.

“I’m playing a game” is easier to say than before

――I have the impression that Japan is still a long way from FPS (first person shooter) and strategy games where teams play strategies and tactics. I also hear that South Korea is advancing in strategy games.

SometimesI’ve been trying to make it popular all over the country. I think the countries that have been making such soil for a long time are still strong.

I really feel that there is a movement to boost and excite e-sports in Japan as well. Thanks to that, the recognition has increased and I have been able to introduce them. There is an association that issues licenses to professional gamers. That’s why it’s easier to say “I’m playing a game” than before. That means that it is recognized by the world, so I think more people will say, “Then, let’s try it myself.”

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