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What is the longest hole in the world? One by 7! – Journey

by archysport

The vast majority of courses accommodate par 3, par 4 and par 5. It is a standard, but not the rule! There are a few par 6s in the world and even a… par 7! You have to go to South Korea, to the Gunsan Country Club.

Notice to thrill seekers and other unrepentant hitters! For those especially who are tired of touching the greens in regulation after 2 or 3 strokes, there is a very simple way: play on the longest hole in the world.

Not easy, especially for the wallet, since it is necessary to go to South Korea to unhook the pompom. Before warming up your Carte Bleue and – several times – your driver, you will already have to travel 9,000 km by plane from France.

A hole a kilometer long!

From the capital Seoul, 250 km are still needed to reach the Gunsan Country Club (notions of Korean required), theater of a unique experience on the Jeongeup course. At hole n ° 3… 1 km long, the golfer will be able to observe, tap, pace, tap, search, drink, tap, take a selfie, eat, blow, tap, massage, putter and possibly putter again before enter your score …

Distant 1,004 yards from the back tees, this hole is a by 7 which displays, oh surprise, handicap 1. Skirting on the left a vast expanse of water, the longest golf hole in the world is a slight double dog-leg, deviating to the right then coming back to the left.

Hole 3

Hole 3, 1004 meters long

The club is home to 81 holes!

Created by the architectural firm Nelson & Haworth (Robin Nelson designed the Battlefield golf course in France in particular) the Gunsan CC does not appear in the first ranks of Korean golf courses. Undoubtedly because of its environment and its specificity since it shelters no less 81 holes ! Might as well do all of them, right?

Well, be warned, all the others are nothing fancy, except a 661m long par 6. Pfff ridiculous! Built on an old salt marsh of 430 hectares, the 9 9-hole courses (9 × 9 = 81) are connected by 26 bridges. Water in fact represents 36% of the total surface.

So warm up and get yourself some balls!

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