Aran Mare Akita lost to Yamanashi Queenbees 61-71 and lost 15 consecutive games in the opening season. The first match of the new year could not be decorated with white stars. Hirofumi Kojima, head coach (54), said, “If you have so many turnovers, you won’t win.” The turnover is “23”. Defensive challenges have been highlighted.

I could see the winners. The third quarter (Q) was greeted at 26-35 by turning back the first half with a 5-point behind. Ayaka Ozawa (26) scored three consecutive points, starting with a three-pointer shot. I caught up with the tie of 35-35. However, after that, he made a series of mistakes. Both offense and defense lost momentum, and the lead was widened to 18-27 in the same Q. Ozawa, who was disappointed with the maximum score of 18 points for both teams, such as shooting four 3-point shots in this game, said, “We are all aiming for one win, so I’m disappointed that I lost. I want to make use of it next time. “

He has not won since 21st, the first year of his participation in the W League. Even in difficult situations, the commander looks forward and inspires the players. “There is a wave of tune. I’m scared in terms of defense. I want you to take a more positive attitude,” he asked for an aggressive style. I will play against Yamanashi on the 8th today. With the defeat as food, he finds a way to a memorable first victory.[Norikazu Sato]