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very good, so see you in 2023 for an all-time moment

by archysport

The most career points is a record that has stood since 1989, when Kareem Abdul-Jabbar ended his career. It was hard to see anyone go looking for him, and yet the gap between LeBron James – the current Laker of 25 years 37 years old – by Kareem Abdul-Jabbar is melting like snow in the sun.

It was in response to a tweet from Magic Johnson, his former teammate with whom he won no less than five NBA titles, that Kareem Abdul-Jabbar pledged to be present to congratulate LeBron on the day he breaks his record. number of points scored in career (if he beats it obviously). If a few years ago it was hard to imagine the King being able to get this record, this completely crazy dream now seems quite achievable. We don’t even see what could really prevent him from achieving this given his current level, other than a serious injury. Kareem’s record is set at 38,387 points and LeBron is already at 36,205 points. On January 12, 2022, the delta between the two players is therefore 2,182 points. The thing is, at the moment, LeBron is absolutely monstrous as he is averaging 34.2 points over the last 11 games. To give an idea, at this rate, Kareem’s record would only hold 64 games. Even if we admitted that LeBron eased off a bit by turning “more than” 25 points on average from today, the record would only have 87 games to live. Assuming that the King end the year with the same points-per-game average as they are now (28.9) and turn at 27 units (his career average) next season, then Karl Malone would be outnumbered in 26 games and Kareem’s record would be broken in Game 37 next season. You can already mark it on your calendar. We will tell Kareem to reserve a few places in the middle of the 2022-23 campaign, it could be useful now that Mr. Jabbar has committed to be there the day the record falls.

“If he manages to maintain his consistency, I’ll be happy to be there to congratulate him when he breaks the scoring record – if he does manage to break the record. “

At 37, LeBron James still shows us every night that he is capable of stringing together MVP performances even though he is in his 19th season in the NBA. However, the bulk of his career is obviously behind him and the traces of his immense legacy are clearly visible. He’s a real symbol of consistency at the highest level, and that translates into a lot of different stats. The cyborg has played over 60 games in 17 of his 19 NBA seasons and has never gone below the 45 games played. Don’t tell this mutant about Achilles tendon ruptures, cruciate ligaments and other fractures, he doesn’t know what it is. For all these reasons, the one we call “The Chosen One” – a nickname that suits him so well – is not only the third greatest scorer of all time in the NBA. He’s also the seventh best passer in history (9,888, just ahead of Oscar Robertson), tenth best interceptor (2,113, sorry Alvin Robertson) and fifth in triple-doubles (102). Even on the rebound, ranking yet archi dominated by the interiors, LeBron is at the 42nd position. These statistics are still quite evocative of the luck we have to see a legend still active on the floors of the NBA.

We could therefore have a second all-time record that falls in two seasons after Curry became the most prolific shooter in long-distance history this year. While waiting to see what the future holds, we pray very, very hard to have the right to a moment full of emotion between the two legends that are LeBron James and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar next season. Even if the latter has not been kind to the King recently on various subjects, whether it is his meme on COVID or certain celebrations on the ground …

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