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Valtierrilla Sports Center, a decade operating intermittently – El Sol de Salamanca

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A little over nine years after its inauguration, the Valtierrilla Sports Center is still not working 100%, it is currently closed to the user with no certainty of the date to receive the athletes again and even in recent months it was occupied by the militia, now requires general maintenance.

In this regard, Carlos Mercado, head of the Municipal Sports Commission (COMUDE) commented, “there are many needs that we have in the Valtierrilla Sports Center, we received it closed due to the issue of the militia, before Christmas they stopped occupying the facilities, however, there is no certainty as to the date of their opening, since the military elements could return (zic) ”.

Regarding the conditions in which the Valtierrilla Sports Module is currently located, he pointed out, “the perimeter fence is needed, we only have cyclonic mesh that little by little have been stolen; in the rainy season a huge lagoon is made in the parking lot as it is not a regular terrain; Inside the facilities, on the court with stave there is a hole in the ceiling that you cannot see at first glance and when it rains it floods this space; a board was stolen from the outdoor basketball courts; In addition, it requires gates to protect the doors of the main access to the building, they are very flimsy and made of glass; while the soccer field is functional, however, it requires intervention ”.

To this he added, “In terms of basic services there is water and electricity, apparently the drainage is already connected, otherwise general maintenance is required (zic)”.

The Valtierrilla Sports Center was inaugurated at the end of the administration of Antonio Ramírez Vallejo with a resource of 32 million pesos from concurrent participation between the municipality and the state government, however, at that time it remained without service to the user.

Much of the following triennium was closed, first the basic services such as water, electricity and drainage were lacking, and when it was abandoned it was vandalized, the electrical wiring and the accessories of the toilets were stolen.

With the support of the state government through the State Sports Commission (CODE), another two million pesos were invested to reactivate it, however, basic services were still needed.

Under the administration of Antonio Arredondo Muñoz, through sports fairs called,

“Valtierrilla Activate”, Municipal Presidency of Salamanca through the Municipal Sports Commission (COMUDE) sought to reactivate the multidisciplinary sports module.

In the previous three-year period, after the Valtierrilla Sports Center was closed due to the pandemic caused by Covid – 19, Beatriz Hernández Cruz opened (reopened) the Valtierrilla Sports Center, in addition to unveiling a commemorative plaque in that regard.

In this regard, on that occasion the former mayor commented, “after 11 years of being totally abandoned, today we inaugurated this place that lacked basic services, the access was paved and the second stage of electrification of the module was completed.”

So it also made known, “As of this date, the COMUDE offices will meet at the Valtierrilla Sports Center, there will be life every day in this great place and this is yours, it is from Valtierrilla, it is from Salamanca, it is for the Athletes , I ask you only two things, enjoy it, enter the disciplines of all the sports that are in this place and the second, take care of it, because you deserve to have the best place, we Salamanca deserve the best ”.

Within this event, in the presence of the Salamanca Olympic athlete, Goretti Alejandra Zumaya Flores, it was announced that the Sports Shooting area located inside the Sports Center would bear her name, however, to date there is nothing in that space Allusive to this talented woman from Salamanca.

Prior to said reopening, the main paved access was delivered, as well as the second stage of electrification.

And when it seemed that the Valtierrilla Sports Module finally came to life, the arrival of elements of the National Guard and the National Army to the facilities due to the issue of insecurity, prevented the user from continuing to provide service, being closed since the month of August of last year.

To date, the Valtierrilla Sports Center is the only sports facility in the municipality used by military elements that has not once again been open to users for the development of the athletic skills of Salamanca athletes.

The “Luis H. Ducing” North Sports Unit did so since last November 24 and the North Sports Unit, recently reopened its doors -on Tuesday, January 4th-; while the “Fray Camilo Montes Vega” Tree Court has maintained the service to the user throughout all this time.

At the closure of the Valtierrilla Sports Center to house the militia, COMUDE had sports schools there such as Squash, Tae Kwondo, Basketball, Sports Shooting and Boxing.

The Valdierrilla Sports Module was built to host sports disciplines such as squash, weightlifting, athletics, basketball, boxing, badminton, soccer, tae kwon do, zumba, tae bo, archery, sports shooting, hockey and softball.


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