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Two injuries and a bronze medal

by archysport

Billom. Injuries and bronze medals. Judo Billom was present at the 39 e Kings Cup, Saturday, organized by the Roman dojo.

With only one bronze medal but above all two judokas seriously injured, the results are unsatisfactory.

Esteban Mingorance was off to a good start in his hen with effective shoulder techniques. Unfortunately, a bad fall breaks his collarbone and immobilizes him for 45 days.

Baptiste Tournadre is also injured during the first fight. The meniscus is affected and it will take rest and care to get back on the tatami mats.

Thibault Ravel can not get out of the hens despite good fights for lack of confidence.

Gaël Roubier-Delforge climbs on the 3 e step of the podium, after a flawless run until the semi-final … Unfortunately, he did not find the keys to a fight within his reach.

Appointment is made Saturday January 15 for the departmental deadline for the cadets and the minors with great chances of podiums for the nine entered.


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