Trustee Brown undressed and left. You ended up with us, the coach was upset

Brown, one of the most dominant offensive players in the league for many years, has already shown a lot of fads. But the latter, with its strangeness, surpassed all previous ones. And the closer you focus on his background, the more incredible you will come.

So what exactly happened?

With three minutes to go until the end of the penultimate quarter, the busy Tampa surprisingly lost to the troubled Jets by fourteen points. Suddenly, lying shoulder straps with a white jersey, number 81 and a red BROWN name tag appeared under the guests’ bench.

The former player of Pittsburgh, Oakland or New England was already undressed in half at that time and cheerfully threw parts of his equipment among the spectators. He went through the end zone, hacked the stands and disappeared into the bowels of MetLife Stadium.

Tampa Bay managed to turn the dramatic match even without Brown and thanks to a touchdown fifteen seconds before the end, 28:24 won. However, the subsequent press conference did not take place in a pleasant spirit, coach Bruce Arians was properly committed to his disobedient charges.

“He’s not our player anymore, you understand? End of the story. Now let’s talk about the guys who managed to win the match, “said the 69-year-old coach of the reigning NFL champions.

But Arians was – perhaps surprisingly – the only one in the club who reacted so sharply to Brown’s actions. Offensive partner Mike Evans tried to persuade the eccentric star to stay in the game, while quarterback Tom Brady expressed his support after the match.

“It simply came to our notice then. We all love him very much and we care very much about him. I think we should be compassionate and empathetic in similar cases, “Brady said diplomatically.

Premiums are on the move

Brown left the field after allegedly refusing to jump into the game due to a sore ankle. When Arians told him that if he didn’t play now, he wouldn’t play in the rest of the match, he recovered and disappeared.

At the same time, he was deprived of fat bonuses, as he was very close to the $ 1 million bonus. If he managed to catch the balloon eight more times by the end of the season, which was definitely in his power, he would collect 333 thousand. He would receive the same amount if he scored another 55 yards caught, and the third part of the bonus would come after one more touchdown. Everything is absolutely achievable.

However, it is not possible to say that Brown is somehow sorry about the cheating of his personal cash register. A few tens of minutes after the end of the encounter, he filled his social networks with satisfied pictures.

Brown’s collection of transgressions is truly hilly. Three years ago, he nearly killed a two-year-old with furniture thrown from the fourteenth floor, was accused of rape several times, and was arrested for stealing a vehicle.

A month ago, he was sentenced to three games by the NFL leadership for violating the covid protocol. He lied when he claimed to be vaccinated and presented false certificates.

So Brown can slowly start looking for new engagements. But the question is whether any of the teams will try it with him. He made enemies in each of his previous locations, and New England even ended his cooperation with him after a single match.

In the fall of 2019, the seven-time Pro Bowl participant for the best players of the season announced the end of his career, but the decision lasted only four days. Last summer, he announced the end of his active performance in American football again, but a few days later he changed his mind.

In Tampa, he got perhaps the last chance from strict coach Bruce Arians. He performed very well on the pitch, the Buccaneers helping to win the Super Bowl for the first time in nineteen years, but he didn’t improve his behavior. He didn’t learn.




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