Transfers: Mohamed Salah believes he is not asking for anything “extraordinary” from Liverpool for a new contract

Mohamed Salah said on Tuesday that he was not asking for anything “extraordinary“as he negotiates a new deal with the Reds, 18 months from the end of his contract.”I want to stay but I’m not the one who decides. It all depends on them“, explained the Egyptian international in an interview with the magazine. GQ. “They know what I want. I’m not asking for anything extraordinary“added Mohamed Salah, on track for a third Golden Boot in five years after having already scored 16 Premier League goals since the start of the season.

When we ask for something and face it, we make you understand that it is possible, then, we must do it, to show that we are aware of what we have accomplished for the club“summed up the player with 111 Premier League goals (out of 165 matches) with the” Reds “.

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Already winner of the Champions League (2019) and the Premier League (2020) with Liverpool, Mohamed Salah would negotiate a weekly salary of more than 300,000 pounds (around 360,000 euros), according to the British press. Such an agreement would mark a profound change in the managerial policy of the club, shattering its salary structure while it is usually reluctant to grant big contracts to players over 30, an age that Mohamed Salah will celebrate next June.

The ball is in their court

I have been there for five years. I know the club very well. I love the fans. The fans love me. As for the administration, I let him know what is going on. The ball is in his court“, insisted the striker. The captain of the Egyptian selection at the African Cup of Nations (CAN) is one of the three finalists for the FIFA” The Best “award for the best player of the year 2021, alongside Robert Lewandowski and Lionel Messi For its sixth edition, the Ballon d’Or competitor’s award ceremony will take place on January 17 in Zurich.

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