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Tom Brady vs Bill Belichick in Super Bowl? Julian Edelman bets a fortune on that possibility

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Ever since Tom Brady moved from Boston to Florida, NFL fans have dreamed of a possible Super Bowl showdown. Many times it seemed like a dream, but in this season it could be Tom Brady vs Bill Belichick in the most important game of the year.

The truth is that when the NFL started in 2021, few thought about the possibility of seeing a successful Patriots. They were coming off a disappointing season with Cam Newton and Mac Jones, things could go from success to failure in an instant.

Fortunately for the Patriots, Mac Jones proved to be a player capable of withstanding the pressure and with a head coach like Bill Belichick, who knows more about the road than the devil as the saying goes, so a new championship is no longer a dream.

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They were close to being divisional champs, but they made the postseason and they have a very good chance of making it to the Super Bowl. On the other side of the coin, Tom Brady and the Buccaneers are the defending champions and are the second best team in the National, that speaks of something.

Tom Brady lacks few things in his career and eye, that he alone has a Super Bowl career apart from the NFL, for so many games he has played and the only thing that would be missing and it would be an incredible closing of the season is to face the Patriots.

Tom Brady celebrates victory over Bears

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Julian Edelman bets that Tom Brady vs Bill Belichick can be given in Super Bowl

If anyone knows Tom Brady and Bill Belichick that is Julian Edelman, because he shared several years of his career with both of them and we already had a preview of your statements this season when Tom Brady returned to Foxborough to face the Patriots.

Too, Gotham Chopra, creator of Man in the Arena told us about this possibility of seeing his friend Tom Brady face his city’s team, the Patriots. “It’s like going to a dinner with your divorced parents.“, He said in an interview for Sleeper.

Julian Edelman with the Patriots

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Well then TMZ found out that Julian Edelman is more than excited and confident that the Buccaneers vs Patriots can be played in the Super Bowl, or better known as the Tom Brady vs Bill Belichick and I would bet one hundred thousand dollars that this game takes place.

The receiver bet real money on the WynnBet Sports appIn fact, he is part of the image to promote the betting site and what they gave him he used to make this bet and the profit would be 545 thousand dollars.

Tom Brady vs Bill Belichick

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