Tolima beat Deportivo Cali 0-1: match summary date 15 BetPlay League 2022 I | Colombian Soccer | Betplay League

Deportes Tolima defeated Deportivo Cali 0-1 with a goal by Andrés Ibargüen for date 2 of the BetPlay Dimayor I League, at the Cali Stadium in Palmaseca, in a game that was worked hard by Hernán Torres’ team, who knew how to recompose the group after of the defeat in Medellin.

Already in the first minutes of the game, Cali was the one with the intention with approaches to the goal defended by William Cuesta, while the pijao team sought to keep the ball and venture into the attack.

In the 18th minute, the first yellow card of the afternoon-night was presented to Junior Hernández in Tolima, for a foul against Ángelo Rodríguez near the corner kick. In that same play, the Verdiblancos executed the play poorly and a quick counterattack was put together that Yohandry Orozco ended up alone against Humberto Acevedo, defining without much power and the goalkeeper boxed the shot.

The following minutes did not have a dominant clear in which each team tried to play their game without much dynamics and the best options were the burgundy and gold team with two shots that Acevedo stopped to keep the zero on the scoreboard.

Cali got closer again at minute 41 by way of the still ball in a corner kick executed by Kevin Velasco and Teófilo Gutiérrez headed wide of Cuesta’s left vertical with which minutes later the initial part would end.

For the second half, Cali came out unfocused and after two minutes the view charges him scoring a partial 0-1 in a corner kick that Yohandry Orozco charges towards the far post with Andrés Ibargüen anticipating Juan Esteban Franco and with a header he puts the pijao team to win .

With the passing of the minutes, Tolima is closer to the second, than Cali of the tie, so Rafael Dudamel says to make a double change, Sebastián Leyton and Daniel Andrés Luna enter and Carlos Robles who already had a yellow card and Duván Mina leave. , with the team slightly improving in control of the game, but without depth in attack.

At minute 63, the team from Tolima returned to the attack and had a very clear goal option in which Humberto Acevedo stopped Gustavo Ramírez’s shot, who had been on the field for seconds, replacing Michael Rangel, who had been reprimanded minutes before.

The ‘sugar workers’ responded with the change of Aldair Gutiérrez for Juan Esteban Franco seeking to have a better management of that right area where Deportes Tolima had its best approaches and complemented by reinforcing the same area in the attack with the entry José Mulato who entered through Santiago Mosquera at minute 76, generating more play on that side.

In the last minutes Cali was able to approach the rival goal, but they continued without effectiveness in the last quarter of the field, while the visiting team began to control the game with the result in their favor and making the second substitution, Andrés Ibargüen left and Cristian entered. Trujillo.

In the end, Cali had two very expensive arrivals to tie the game, one a header by Jorge Marsiglia that William Cuesta deflected to the corner kick and then a good collective play reaching the area that Andrés Balanta headed wide.

Tolima adds its first 3 points in the tournament and on the next date will receive Envigado at the Manuel Murillo Toro Stadium, Cali remains with 0 points and will visit Medellín on Sunday at the Atanasio.

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