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They hack their virtual audience to put sexual content

by archysport

In the last days Novak Djokovic has given much to talk about in his case in Australia. Since the revocation of his visa, his confinement, allegations of mistreatment, amateur protests and the Serbian government itself against the oceanic country such as the decision of the Australian federal government to return his visa.

Everything has happened in that issue in which the world’s number 1 tennis player is involved. This day his hearing was held to define his future for the first Grand Slam of the year; however, something unusual happened when it was started.

Due to the pandemic and the number of infections that increase in Australia, the meeting between lawyers of both parties and the judge Anthony Kelly was carried out virtually, so the Tribunal de Melbourne shared a link with journalists so they could also be witnesses.

This link went viral on social networks, so some fans also joined the meeting, that is why the authorities decided to replace it; However, those who connected to the first link, which had already been hacked, found music blaring and pornographic content.

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In addition to this, the new link that I create the Tribunal It also had drawbacks because it collapsed due to the number of people who wanted to be part of the process it is taking. Novak Djokovic in Australia.


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