There is talk of possible departure of McCarthy from the Cowboys


Cowboys coach deals with rumors of possible firing

taking advantage of a previous report, the member of the NFL of Sports Illustrated, Albert Breer, believes that Dallas Cowboys could be seen”tempted” to fire head coach Mike McCarthy following the team’s playoff run.

However, Breer cautioned that McCarthy’s possible firing is a “maybe.”

“Why? Well, from what I understand, the Joneses love that McCarthy coordinator, and Dan Quinn has already attracted a lot of interest as a head coach for other teams (the Dolphins, Jaguars, Broncos and Bears have all turned up for interviews).” Breer wrote on January 12. “It should be noted that the Falcons are still paying Quinn, so the Cowboys can’t really give him a raise to convince him to stay. Would they make him the head coach to guarantee it?

“Ultimately, I don’t think they’re going to go through with something like that,” Breer continued. “I remember when they were in that kind of place in 2008, losing a coordinator that they really liked (Jason Garrett), and they did everything they could, at least monetarily, to keep him from going to Baltimore or Atlanta. But they didn’t really pull the plug on Wade Phillips for another two and a half years after that. That said, I wouldn’t be surprised if they were tempted to do so.”

Cold water on the ‘crazy’ rumor

Going deeper into the matter, Mike Fisher de rejected Breer’s speculation about McCarthy, which a source close to the situation called “completely stupid.”

“There’s no way Jerry spent a second thinking about that,” the source told Fisher.

After going 6-10 in his first year on the job, a record clouded by the COVID-19 pandemic and the loss of franchise quarterback Dak Prescott, McCarthy led the Cowboys to a 12-5 record and the title. of the NFC East in 2021.

McCarthy, who believes in owner Jerry Jones, is likely to be safe from the line of fire unless Dallas is beaten in the first round of the playoffs. And even then…

“He makes a difference, and that needs to be recognized,” Jones said of McCarthy on 105.3 The Fan in December, via The Athletic. “I am very proud of him.”

Vikings reportedly want to meet with Quinn

On Saturday, January 15, the Minnesota Vikings requested an interview with Cowboys defensive chief Dan Quinn, according to the NFL Network insider, Tom Pelissero. Minnesota also submitted applications for Packers offensive coordinator Nathaniel Hackett and the 49ers’ DC DeMeco Ryans, según Pelissero.

The Vikings are the fifth NFL club to express interest in Quinn, who has obtained similar offers from the Jaguars, Broncos, Bears and Dolphins. The widely respected 51-year-old has deferred some interviews until the conclusion of the Cowboys’ postseason.

“There’s just nothing to report on my end,” Quinn said on Jan. 10, via “When job changes happen and coaches get laid off, it’s a tough time for them and their families, the assistants, the team, everyone involved in that. It’s good to know if anyone is interested. That doesn’t escape me. … But there is really nothing to add from my side. There’s not a lot of time management or anything to do with mine other than playing well and being right where my feet are. Hopefully we can talk about Niners today because that’s where my heart and head are moving forward.”

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