The news that must hyper fans of the Lakers concerning Anthony Davis!

Package for more than a month after a knee injury, Anthony Davis is very close to making his return to the courts. Promising for the future? Yes, provided that the interior has decided to raise its level of play. On this subject, ESPN comes to provide a very interesting detail.

For the Lakers, while the season continues to be quite tense, good news arrives for this workforce: after more than a month of absence following a knee problem, Anthony Davis is on the way back. He will return to the courts this week, offering new possibilities to Frank Vogel.

It’s the kind of update that makes fans happy, even if there are questions about Unibrow. Clumsy in shooting, with a 17.9% from three points, Davis has failed to meet expectations since the start of the season. Fans are hoping this rest has allowed him to put all that right…and it has, according to ESPN.

The change of Anthony Davis during his absence

Because during his time in the infirmary, Davis did not only do rehabilitation according to several sources. ESPN reports that the Laker wanted to work on his game, and in particular his shot, which he has been lacking since the start of the season.

In his article, journalist Dave McMenamin explains this:

Davis took advantage of his rehabilitation to work on his knee, but also on his shooting mechanics, sources told ESPN.

A change in Davis’ shooting? It is a possibility, and even necessary to try to be skilful behind the bow. Good news for the Angelinos, who need a big AD for this end of the season, at the risk of missing the playoffs, or even worse.

Anthony Davis tried to rectify his shooting during this rest, which is quite promising for the Lakers. Can he bounce back and carry his team to victory? The supporters hope so, it is in any case now or never.



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