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Various baseball games are on sale, but the first thing that comes to mind is Konami’s “PowerPro”.“Jikkyo Power Pro Professional Baseball” seriesI think there are many people who say that.
From “2020”, the name will be “eBASEBALLMany e-sports competitions and events have been held under the title ofTitles that are leading the e-sports world in the baseball game genreis.
In addition to that, 2021 is the latest work of the “Power Poke” series for the first time in 10 years.Power Pro Kun Pocket RIs released, or “Power Poke AppIn the mobile game “Jikkyo Powerful Professional Baseball”, the collaboration with “Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters” was announced as the first collaboration in 2022, and the whole series is getting more and more exciting.
Then, the next thing to worry about is the new version of the home video game “Powerful Professional Baseball” series.
The update to “2021” is coming in April 2021, but fans are wondering whether it will be an update to the “2022” version or a new work.
It’s off as of January, so I don’t call it the open race in February, but I was hoping for some announcement by the opening race in March.There was an announcement about the next work!

Power Pro’s turn! Power Pro App and Yu-Gi-Oh will collaborate! We will also hold a campaign to get limited cards!

“EBASEBALL Powerful Professional Baseball 2022” announced!

eBASEBALL Powerful Professional Baseball 2022

The latest work in the “PowerPro” series for home use“EBASEBALL Powerful Professional Baseball 2022” has been officially announced!ƒ√
This time it’s not an updateNew workAsPS4Nintendo SwitchIt will be released for the market.
Of course it is “2022”, soEquipped with the latest player data for 2022 professional baseballWill be done.
Player abilities will be updated during the seasonAnd you can play with the latest player data, so you can enjoy another season of your own.

Because it is the latest work, this work isLargest volume in the history of the seriesIt has become!
The popular “player training”successIncludes “Powerful High School Rivals”, “Hot Blood Glitter Aoharu Gakuen”, and “Sensho High School is the Captain!”
There are lots of contents such as scenarios where familiar characters appear and scenarios where generations are changed many times.

Power festivalIn “Power Poke” team and “Power Fes” original team participated,Most characters in the seriesWill appear!
If you win the match, you can join the characters of the other team, so let’s win the tournament while strengthening the team.

Power festival
Power festival

The popular “high school baseball manager and team development”Crown NineIs also powered up!
You can play more comfortably, such as increasing the tempo of progress.
Command expressionTherefore, it is a mode that even people who are not good at conventional baseball games can enjoy.

Crown Nine
Crown Nine

andNew mode “Power Park”It became clear that will be installed!
It is said that it is a mode to challenge with original players raised in modes such as “Success” and “Power Fes”, but details have not been announced yet.
Easy online battle mode that is a bit different from conventional action battlesSo let’s wait for the next report!

Power Park
Power Park

Released on April 21st! Reservation started!

“EBASEBALL Powerful Professional Baseball 2022”Released on Thursday, April 21, 2022!
The price is the regular version8,250 yen (tax included), Powerful Edition10,450 yen (tax included)And the reservation of the package version has started at each store!
Early purchase benefitsAs “Successive opening songs“When”Useful item set“, And the purchaser is”Power Spi PointWill be given as a gift, so reservations are essential!
When you start playing the “PowerPro” seriesI’m so addicted that I can’t play other games in parallelIt is a title that many people say.
It will be released about 3 months in advance, so let’s aim to clear the game you are playing so that you can play as much as you want once it is released.
Details are newly released“EBASEBALL Powerful Professional Baseball 2022” Official WebsitePlease confirm!

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