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the example of Raal difficult to follow

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Behind Raal, probable future champion of the D2 acff, no club in the series appears ready for the big jump to National 1. And this, even if the license conditions have been lightened.

Stopped since the weekend of December 18 and 19, 2021, the D2 acff championship should in theory restart on Wednesday January 19 with an important alignment match at the bottom of the standings. By receiving Givry – 13 points, but only 15 matches played -, Waremme – 17 points and one more meeting on the clock – would already have the opportunity to distance himself from his opponent of the day. But also with the trio Couvin-Mariembourg (10 pts) – Verlaine (9 points) – Durbuy (4 points), the three current descendants of the series, thirteen matches from the finish line.

At the heart of the variant breakthrough Omicron, yet it seems utopian to imagine a resumption of amateur football with open refreshments in so few days.
Are the resume dates of January 29 or February 05 more realistic?
This is what emerged from the last discussions of the presidents of the two Wings, in the company in particular of the Ministers of Sport and the Minister of Health at the beginning of the week and also in the perspective of the probable content of the next one. Codeco.

If, so far, the forced winter break has not aroused too much outcry among the senior teams, it is because it accommodates a good number of amateur circles, which must either manage many covid cases, students in exams or even convalescent or even injured players.
Clearly, as long as the championship really starts up again, benefiting from a mini truce to regain a real hunger for competition at the right time would even have been almost timely.

La Raal let Tyron Crame and Louis Delhaye go

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Louis Delhaye (Raal): return to Tubize-Braine. © Facebook page

With its eleven points ahead of Meux and only one setback so far – at home on September 11 against Jette – the Raal remains more than ever focused on its real goal of the season: the title and the rise to this goal. National 1 which will also offer, let us remember from 2022-2023, three tickets to pro football.
At the Wolves, several covid cases within a widely vaccinated nucleus A fell almost by miracle between the match postponed to mid-December in Givry and the resumption of training at the beginning of January. Between January 9 and 16, Wolves will have already played three friendly games on their synthetic from the St Julien complex in Strépy-Bracquegnies.
Faced with two D3 acff (including a 6-0 victory against Tertre, before the arrival of J.Tamines the coming weekend) and, in principle against a formation of Nationale 1. For the time being, the very probable future D2 champion acff works with an empty infirmary.

Just have we acted or are we about to do, on the spot in recent days the departure of two elements with reduced playing time during the first round: the young striker Tyron Crame, 20 years old in April joined the neighbors of the Royal Union Louvière Center (Nationale 1) while the left-handed or central defender Louis Delhaye, 22 years old since January 4, is about to return to AFC Tubize-Braine, in the same division.

“There will be no other movements, observe Toni tury, the CEO of the Raal. The sports staff around Frédéric Taquin, who has an open-ended contract with us, knows that the collaboration will continue beyond the season as long as we remain in this hyper positive dynamic. In the next few hours, we will be discussing the idea of ​​a new stadium with the City again. The city councilors wish to relaunch a call for projects and we know even better in which direction to move forward. At the same time as this file, our training and training center in Strépy continues to modernize while respecting all the planned deadlines. By mid-February, we will have submitted our license file for the Nationale 1. In terms of infrastructure and budgeting, we have guarantees. In terms of player contracts too, but we are still thinking internally about the status to be given to the majority of core A next season. Will we become a pro club faster, with daily training in the morning and afternoon? Finally, I would also like to point out that there is no discussion between the City, the family Pupil, their French investors at the head of the URLC and Raal for a possible merger in 2022-2023. Our door remains open for discussion, but we are not a driving force in this file. “

Meux studies how to finance a sitting platform

Next to the Raal, and even if the conditions for obtaining the license for the upper floor have been lightened, for example with much less lux for lighting and seating in a grandstand required in the stadiums, few of clubs appear really ready to make the jump in Nationale 1.
Tubize-Braine, obliged to finish in the first eight to enter at one point in the conditions of a climb via a license, is there another possibility? To see because many D2 acff clubs are constantly looking for financial solutions to consider the future with great peace of mind at this level.
Having players under contract of paid sportsmen and especially more sophisticated infrastructures is, it is true not always within the reach of entities where the overall management is often based on the sponsorship of one or another local figure. .

So starting from the idea that the Raal will win the three installments of the series, places 2, 3, 4 and 5 should be as many tickets for a final round, the winner of which will still have to go through confrontations with D2 VV and the 14th classified in Nat 1 to go higher. On the current podium of the division, Meux, which is waiting to find a Gauthier Smal cleared of physical glitches and Solières have not yet chosen to enter a license file.

Fernand Delchambre, one of the two strong men of the club of the entity of La Bruyère recognizes that aiming for the final round must still remain an objective. But there is no question of taking all the financial risks at some point. “Switching to LED lighting on our site is a short-term project. The Municipality has voted a budget to remove the old buildings located behind one of the goals of the main land. We have already been well supported to modernize our infrastructure by the At present, the priority of the Politics in the sports field will concern more quickly a new synthetic in Rhisnes and the omnisports hall of Emines. Our money. This remains an important investment. By adding players under paid contract, it becomes yet another budget. Funding sources have their limit. Without drinks, many managers would even be very embarrassed. In November, we have counted 37 paying tickets against Jette. The same weekend, the president of Couvin-Mariembourg told us about… three paying tickets against Stockay Warfusée! “

Solières worries about his Dylans

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Dylan Suray (Solières) suffers from pubalgia. © Facebook page

In Solières, the patron Jose Lardot has already announced more than once that on condition of being well surrounded within its board, the Nationale 1 remains a short-term objective. Still, it is unclear how the current site could be quickly transformed to meet the standards of the upper floor. Moving to the Omnisports stadium on avenue de la Croix Rouge in Huy? The City has already had other projects in mind. So ?

” We’ll see, procrastinate Pascal Bairamjan, the Sambrian coach of a club which ended the year 2021 with a defeat at Rebecq. I am wary of this truce. As in summer my Belgian players tend to rest on their laurels. The French player has less difficulty maintaining his physical condition. We had tested one again a few weeks ago during a friendly in Visé. But finding him a job corresponding to his master’s degree in engineering is another story. We are looking at the market because I am worried in particular by the situation of our attackers. Dylan Lambrecht received a salty arbitration report following a red card received at Rebecq and Dylan Suray suffers from a pubalgia. We are certainly third, but eight teams around us stand on eight points. Everything can quickly unravel. “

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