The derby against Orlandina goes to Pallacanestro Trapani

2B Control Trapani vs Infodrive Capo d’Orlando 83-78

Partials: (23-28; 48-45; 61-65; 83-78).

2B Control Drills: Wiggs 28 (7/11, 3/5), Massone 19 (7/10, 0/2), Childs 12 (5/11, 0/1), Taflaj 11 (3/6, 1/6), Biordi 6 (2/5), Tomasini 5 (0/1, 1/3), Guyana 2 (1/3, 0/1), Basciano, Minor no, Kovachev no, Longo no, Dancetovic no.

Trainer: Daniele Parente.

Infodrive Capo d’Orlando: Mack 21 (8/12, 0/6), King 16 (5/16, 1/1), Poser 13 (5/8), Baye modou Diouf 10 (3/5), Vecerina 8 (4/8), Laganà 6 (2/9), Bartoli 4 (2/3), Ellis (0/1, 0/4), Reggiani (0/1 from three), Pizzurro ne, Telesca ne.

Trainer: Marco Cardani.

Referees: Cappello, Tarascio, Attard.

DRILLS. The 2022 of Pallacanestro Trapani starts with a victory in the Sicilian derby which defeated Orlandina Basket at PalaConad with the final result of 83 to 78. The match has always been in strong balance throughout the match and was decided only in the last few jokes, in which Trapani has managed to remain very lucid. A choral game and a good defensive intensity, in the key moments of the match, led the grenades to success despite the absences of Palermo, Romeo and Mollura. Among the singles emerge the 28 points of Wiggs and 19 scored by Massone.

1st BEDROOM: Coach Parente ranks the quintet made up of Massone, Wiggs, Guaiana, Taflaj and Childs. Cardani responds with Laganà, Ellis, Mack, King, Diouf. The first basket of the match was signed by King, followed by that of Childs from the other half of the field. Mack and Laganà try to stretch, but Childs still asserts his presence under the basket. Taflaj scores a triple, despite the foul he suffered. King and Massone are precise from below, but the Capo d’Orlando player then makes one out of two from the line (5 ‘9-10). King is still the protagonist with a triple, but Taflaj from below shortens to minus two. After Diouf’s basket, Wiggs supports the two points and also makes the additional free, while Biordi, after recovering the ball, nails the dunk of overtaking (7 ’16-15). Mack scores a three-point game, Vecerina runs on the counterattack, while Wiggs makes the two points easy. To Vecerina’s baskets, Biordi respond with a dunk and Wiggs with a triple. In the final Pozzer makes two out of two to the free, while Diouf closes on 23-28.

2nd BEDROOM: The game resumes with Wiggs’ free, who then scores a goal from below. Massone’s draw leads coach Cardani to a time-out (11 ’28-28). Mack makes two out of two to free, while Taflaj and Wiggs, after recovering the ball, support the two points. After Mack’s basket, Massone puts in three points in a row (15 ’35-32). Diouf and Mack bring Capo d’Orlando back, while Massone asserts his accuracy. After Poser’s basket, Parente prefers to call a minute of suspension (17 ’37-40). Wiggs equalizes the hostilities with a triple, but Poser is then precise from below. However, Wiggs and Childs force coach Cardani to time out (19 ’44-42). King makes one out of two to free, but Wiggs is able to lean against the glass. Massone responds to Bartoli’s basket with two points scored on the siren (20’ 48-45).

3rd BEDROOM: After the long break, Massone supports the two points, while King and Wiggs make one out of two to the free throws. King, Childs and Mack assert themselves from below, while Massone supports the basket of the most four (25 ’56-52). Vecerina and King equalized, while Laganà’s triple brought coach Parente to the time-out (26 ’56-59). Childs and Mack are asserting themselves from below, while Wiggs makes one out of two to the free throws. Bartoli imposes himself with a dunk, but Taflaj closes the fraction on 61-65.

4th BEDROOM: The game resumes with Biordi’s free throws, while Poser makes an easy support from below. Guaiana and Massone bring the grenade forward (33 ’69-67), but Diouf immediately equalizes from the free throws. Wiggs achieves a triple of fundamental importance, but King on the other side a basket with a foul (35 ’72-71). Poser scores four points in a row, while Wiggs scores one out of two for free. After Poser’s free kick, Tomasini’s points play leads the grenade ahead (37 ’77-76). Diouf responds from the line, where Tomasini draws, making one out of two. Wiggs raises the parabola in penetration, bringing the Trapani forward in the score with 28 seconds from the end (80-78). Capo d’Orlando misses his attempt, while Childs makes one out of two from the line, with six seconds on the clock. Mack misses by three points, while Taflaj to the free seals the victory of the grenade for 83 a 78.




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