The decision of Tomás Fonzi in Masterchef Celebrity that earned him the rejection of the networks

BUENOS AIRES CITY (digital) In a new Masterchef Celebrity elimination gala, an event occurred this Sunday that surprised almost everyone, which featured Thomas Fonz and that earned him widespread rejection on social networks.

Is that the actor of strips like Summer of ’98 and movies like Nine Queens He had to choose one of the participants in a white apron to replace each other: Tomás had won the duel to stay in the reality show, which consisted of cooking a steak to the point and in just 15 minutes, and now it was his turn to make that decision.

After analyzing it for a while, he decided and chose Paula Pareto, a doctor by profession, double Argentine Olympic medalist in judo and one of the most beloved by the public.

As if to continue gaining followers, the “Little One” initially clarified that she was not surprised and that “she did not expect anything, she expected him to say the name and well, he played”, and then confirmed that backstage by adding: “Nothing happens, we are in they are of peace, this is a game”.

All this went down quite badly on the social networks that feed on this Telefe program, and the reaction of the users was clear and forceful: unrestricted support for the judoka and general rejection of the actor.

After cooking a dish with deer meat, garnish and sauce in just 50 minutes, with only 3 ingredients to choose from, and to the astonishment of the participants, it was decided not to eliminate anyone and Pareto –along with Luisa Albinoni, Barbie Velez (which replaced Denise Dumas), Catherine Fulop, Mica Viciconte Y Joaquin Levinton– will continue to participate in the event for another week, in which Fonzi had already secured their presence, Paulo Kablan, Malena Guinzburg Y Juariu.

That, perhaps, has lowered the foam against Tomás who, in addition to continuing for another week, avoided the discomfort that would have increased due to an early departure from La Peque. (digital)


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