the controversies of the B and why he left Quilmes

for very little, Quilmes did not achieve his return to the First Division and will have to continue one more season in the Ascent of Argentine football, with the spine of having lowered in 2017. Under the leadership of Facundo Sava (47), the fans were excited about the return because the Brewer had a great campaign and in 32 dates he harvested 52 units, just one point away from playing the first final of Zone A in the regular phase -Tigre agreed to the definition and got the first ticket-. In any case, things did not end there, given that later, of course, ended up reaching the last game of the reduced against Barracas Central and fell from the twelve steps after the 0-0 draw in the 90 minutes, that had clear situations such as shots to the sticks and spicy twists and turns between the protagonists.

With Sava as DT, Quilmes was very close to achieving the objective of returning to the First Division.

A few hours after the stumble on the Racing field at the end of December, and without giving any explanation other than the recent adverse result, The club from the South announced that Colorado was no longer its coach, Leandro Benítez being his replacement. Now, a few weeks after the lost final in Avellaneda and already away from the team’s substitute bench, Sava broke the silence in Olé and talked about everything: the controversies that took place in the First National championship, how he experienced the final of the one reduced by the second promotion, why he stopped directing Quilmes, the stamina of the Cervecera fans in the Cilindro, how he sees Chino with the diver of DT in the Centennial and much more…


– They were very close to achieving the objective… What balance do you make of the campaign carried out with Quilmes?

– It was a very good season. We are left with the anguish of not having been able to win the reduced one, having been one point in the table from playing the first final for promotion. They were two years of hard work, good results and good play at times; to sell players, raise boys from the youth divisions, to change the ways of playing, styles and systems, working very well with Diego Colotto in his role as manager. The players gave it their all. We did a very good job and we needed to crown it with the promotion, which is what we wanted.

– Against Almirante Brown, towards the end of the championship, there was a key penalty against Pavone that they were not charged… Do you think it influenced what happened afterwards?

– Yes, they are decisions that change everything. We, winning that game, had many chances to come out first in the group. But they are situations that are part of football.

The penalty not charged to Quilmes against Almirante, Photo/capture: TyC Sports.

The penalty not charged to Quilmes against Almirante, Photo/capture: TyC Sports.

– What do you think Quilmes lacked to achieve promotion?

– Maybe try to play a little more, be more owners of the games, but we also adapted a lot to the style of players we had and we did well. It happened in another way and I think we have to value the championship we did because it was very even.

– How do you evaluate what happened in the final with Barracas?

– It was a very even game, we both had clear situations and we couldn’t convert. They kicked the penalties better and won. There is not much else to think or analyze. In the other final, Tigre was able to score a goal against Barracas and we couldn’t.

The team photo in the pre-final.  Photo: Telam

The team photo in the pre-final. Photo: Telam

– In the Cylinder, the Cervecera fans filled the two popular trays, the stalls…

– They would have filled the stadium if they gave them more tickets. The crowd was incredible, not only on the Racing pitch, but also on the Quilmes pitch in previous matches. They exploited the field, something that had not been experienced with the promotion of 2010 (he went up to First as a player). It was nice, people cheered until the last moment. We experienced many beautiful things, the team broadcast and we had all the hope of being able to win, but it didn’t happen.

The swollen Brewery took over the Avellaneda Cylinder.

The swollen Brewery took over the Avellaneda Cylinder.

– Rafael Barrios missed the last penalty… Were you able to talk to him?

– Yeah, I talked to him. The previous game he had made the penalty and with Barracas he couldn’t do it, but these are things that happen in football. It also happened to Calello in the previous reduced against Rafaela, who missed two penalties and we were out, but later he was one of the stars of the tournament. Life goes on.

In the stands of Quilmes, not a pin entered...

In the stands of Quilmes, not a pin entered…

– How did you see Barracas? It was a highly criticized team throughout the tournament…

– He played very well. He has good players who were trying to have possession, to get the ball around. Beyond the controversies with the referees, they have done very well.

– Was your exit from Quilmes already planned before the final?

– It depended on how everything was given. If what ended up happening in this case happened, the decision had already been made beforehand and it was personal, for various reasons. I don’t know what the leaders would think, but it ended up happening this way. It was my decision.

Colorado had a great campaign with the Brewer and added 52 points in 32 games.

Colorado had a great campaign with the Brewer and added 52 points in 32 games.

– Colotto was the manager of the club and he also ended up leaving… What was it like working with him?

– I had constant support. We never had an argument about anything, we were all on the same path. It was a pleasure working with him.

Leandro Benítez, Sava's replacement in Quilmes.

Leandro Benítez, Sava’s replacement in Quilmes.

– How do you see Chino Benítez as DT of Quilmes?

– I hope it goes well for him, the club, his people and the remaining players. I wish you all the best.

– Already out of the Brewer, did you have offers to manage another team?

– I had a couple of opportunities, but for now I preferred to wait for something else. I am waiting for new proposals.



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