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Test, test, test (daily newspaper Junge Welt)

by archysport

Before the league gets serious again this coming weekend, the second and third division teams in their training camps test. Which, for once, does not mean Corona, although that is also part of the everyday life of footballers. New players are appraised, the shape and liveliness of each one is noted in tables and game systems are tested or consolidated. Those who can and want to afford it traditionally visit the southern climes, preferably on the Turkish Riviera, where the lira is in free fall and tourism is on the ground due to the pandemic. After all, you can also get infected at home.

In beautiful Belek, the first in the table in the third division, Magdeburg, and pursuer Waldhof Mannheim met each other in spring-like temperatures. It was the top game of the last match day before Christmas, which 1. FCM had clearly won 3-0, although Waldhof played for Magdeburg in the second half …

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