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Steph Curry reveals the best defender on him … and surprises!

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Constantly on the move and able to draw in a few tenths of a second from any position, Steph Curry represents a real nightmare for most of his opponents. However, he says that a surprising player always manages to confuse him offensively!

With averages of 24.3 points per game, 47.4% shooting and 43.0% at 3 points, he can easily estimate that the opposing defenses have never found a solution to contain him. Always so insolent in attack, Stephen Curry still regularly disgusts the defenders who try to extinguish it. For many, the Chef is even their biggest enemy on the offensive side.

He has been demonstrating it for a few days, while his skill abandons him slightly. For the past month, Steph has only been shooting at 38.9% in shootings, and 33.5% behind the arc. His scoring performance is inevitably impacted (25.6 points per game), although he compensates for these low percentages with a higher volume of shots.

Steph Curry reveals his amazing nemesis

Admittedly untenable when he is in the opposing half of the field, Curry is still a modest star despite his huge resume. He therefore readily acknowledges that some players have managed to put him in trouble thanks to their defense. Subject of a recent inteview of GQ, the Chef has also revealed the one that bothers him the most in this sector … and his answer is surprising!

Oh, that’s a good question. Honestly, my brother, because he knows my game so well, and the fact that we compete always unsettles me a little. When I’m on the pitch in front of him, I’m so proud to see him there. So I get lost a bit in this moment.

Not really known as a great defender, Seth Curry would still give headaches to his elder when they find themselves on an NBA floor. An assertion that does not really hold true in the stats, since over their 12 clashes, Steph has an average of 26.1 points per game, as well as an address of 43.7% at 3 points. Once this politically correct answer given, the leader of the Dubs agreed to deliver two other names, more recognized in the exercise!

But aside from Seth, I would probably say Tony Allen or Avery Bradley.

Model older brother Steph Curry tries to make Seth shine whenever he gets the chance. Bad luck this time around, since the numbers slightly contradict his nice compliment towards the back of the 76ers!

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