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Steph Curry auto-changes positions!

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Reference to the post of leader, Stephen Curry is a nightmare for all his opponents. However, the latter could have a break, at the expense of some of their teammates. Indeed, the franchise player of Golden State is ready to no longer evolve at position 1!

If we had to name a leader perfectly representing the 2010 decade, then the name of Stephen Curry would arrive very quickly in the discussion. In addition to accumulating trophies (double MVP, triple NBA champion), the crazy shooter from Golden State has revolutionized the way of playing across the Atlantic with his carnage behind the arc. If we speak of him among the best 1 positions in history, it is not without reason!

However, he remains above all a basketball player and is therefore ready to adapt according to what the team needs. Including… changing positions on the pitch, apparently. During an FAQ with GQ Sports, the Chef was thus asked the following question: is he really still a leader in the traditional sense? The n ° 30 did not hide it, he has no problem giving this role to someone else, especially Draymond Green.

Steph Curry ready to play back

Q : How can you be the point guard if the winger is the one who directs the game and facilitates the circulation of the ball?

Curry : I must say that you are right. It doesn’t really matter which position you play in, it’s just a matter of whether you can play basketball. And we figure out how to adapt. So if you’re going to call Draymond the point guard and me the back, that’s fine with me.

In fact, the announcement fairly closely matches the trend observed over the past few years. Since 2015-16, Curry has not exceeded 7 assists per game. Conversely, the Dancing Bear has only dropped below this bar in two seasons, even turning at 8.9 caviars on average in 2020-21! Very high figures for an interior, he who has gradually abandoned scoring for distribution. We can therefore speak of a hub in his case.

Suddenly, Steph can take the opportunity to wander between the screens, his ability to shoot when receiving a pass is just as crazy as his shooting creation. Between him and the ghost Klay Thompson, the Dubs have there an absolutely nightmarish trident for the competition. Especially since if necessary, the best scorer of last year can quite take over the cap of the main passer, especially when a teammate is on fire. This is what happened in October 2018, when Killa Klay planted 14 award-winning shots against Chicago.

Regardless of the position, Stephen Curry remains one of the most fabulous offensive weapons in the NBA today. In a league where positions have evolved a lot, he represents the perfect combination of qualities that can be found in a leader or a fullback.

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