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Original title: Sports star mother-in-law Jiangsu team center Wu Guanxi to Manchester City star Mahrez

When it comes to sports star mother-in-law, Kobe’s mother-in-law is not easy! She was also a great beauty when she was young, and she was already envied by the basketball star Su Wei of Vanessa’s family. She often found time to go back to her mother-in-law’s house to join her family. If a woman came to the scene to cheer for the players silently, many people would definitely think of it. The player’s wife or girlfriend.

But if it is not, but the mother-in-law is here, and the future mother-in-law of Jiangsu team center Wu Guanxi will come to watch the game.

When it comes to this year’s Chinese Super League champions, many people will think of Shandong Luneng’s head coach “local young marshal” Hao Wei after he got married, gave birth to a child, and the family lived in the club dormitory. According to his wife, the two bought a car together and made a He bought a house in Shanghai, and his mother-in-law treated him very well. Before Hao Wei got married, he gave all his income to his parents. During the European Cup and America’s Cup, Manchester City star Mahrez took a complete vacation. And he also took his girlfriend and future mother-in-law to play on the yacht, and the star with him and Harland.

Mahrez divorced his model wife Rita of five years in February last year, and since October last year, he and Tyler Ward have been making public appearances as a couple.

Unlike entertainment stars, fans not only pay attention to their performance on the field, but also pay attention to their behavior off the field, especially as many sports players do not have time to spend with their families has become the norm.

So when he was busy with his wife, he went to see his elders at his mother-in-law’s house, and no matter how he looked, he could see his character. For NBA basketball superstar Kobe Bryant, CBA superstar Su Wei, as well as this year’s Chinese Super League head coach Hao Wei and Manchester City’s African star Mahrez, their behavior towards their elders has become the standard of behavior for many fans, and they will be rewarded by fans. With the support of the team, they can continue to perform well on the field.Return to Sohu, see more


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