Spends $ 3.5 million on Pokémon cards, but it’s a scam (vflj)

The other parties involved, however, do not come out as well: it is not certain that the damage suffered by the previous owner of the box will in turn be repaired, while for Baseball Card Exchange this bad story has caused a strong loss of credibility.

Despite the reassurances on authenticity, at the time of opening the youtuber found himself with a very nasty surprise: inside the box there were in fact bogus packs of Pokémon cards, containing instead G cards. (

The news reported in other newspapers

In recent days, the news regarding Logan Paul and his purchase of fake Pokémon cards, purchased for a monstrous amount of about 3.5 million dollars, has literally been around the web. The rather ironic thing is that in this set of Pokémon cards there were actually cards of G. (

Logan Paul then, flanked by Matt Allen, who had bought the aforementioned box for 2.7 million dollars before reselling it to the youtuber for 3.5 million, flew to Chicago where together they met the Baseball Card Exchange association for check together the authenticity of the cards, noting that the set was actually fake, in fact there were packets of G. (Android Tech)

Logan Paul, the famous YouTuber, spent the beauty of 3.5 million dollars for a box of rare Pokémon cards which, however, seem to be, surprised by the surprises, false, as reported by himself in a video. (Computer Magazine)

Logan Paul: The $ 3.5 million for the fake Pokémon cards has been refunded

The Pokémon cards that deluded Logan Paul. Logan Paul would then have spent nearly four million dollars on 11 packs of fake Pokémon cards, believing he was lucky enough to get his hands on the first perfectly sealed edition more than twenty years ago. (DR COMMODORE)

“It’s so sad for all parties involved,” Paul said after hearing the news. Moving forward in the video, Logan Paul opens a bottle of wine and orders the ECB representative to open the packages. (

Logan Paul and Shyne at the time of the sale of the Pokémon card box. He himself, on the other hand, seems not to have been aware of this, considering that he too had bought the box from the collectors Meelyops and Card Kahuna, evidently without ever opening it. (




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