Shinsuke Ishikawa, a low vision judoka belonging to QD Laser, wants to deliver the world’s first laser vision support equipment to a school for the blind! (Posted by Mitsuru Sugawara 2022/01/10) –Crowdfunding READYFOR

 Introducing Shinsuke Ishikawa, a judoka who belongs to QD Laser.A 100 kg class player belonging to the Japan Blind Judo Federation, he won the bronze medal at the 2019 IBSA (International Blind Sports Federation) Judo Asia Oceania Championship. It belongs to class B2 of visual impairment (visual acuity from 0.0025 to 0.032, or visual field diameter less than 10 degrees).

I first met Ishikawa on November 29, 2016. QD Laser Laser Retinal Projection Eyewear RETISSA in Japan and GermanyI was preparing for a clinical trial.At the head office of a certain equipment manufacturer requesting the manufacture of eyewear framesI was introduced by the president.

At the manufacturer’s office in Machida, TokyoI had them experience laser eyewear.I’m doing judo and my eyesWas bruised and caused retinal detachment. His left eye was blind and he couldn’t see anything due to the failure of surgery. The right eye has intense myopia with a visual acuity of 0.02. Although the smartphone at a distance of 10 cm can be seen clearly, the face of the person who is talking seems to be only flesh-colored.

 I hung a prototype of RETISSA and said, “Everyone had this kind of face. I used to see this much. The most disappointing thing is that my driver’s license was taken away. I might be able to drive with this. It may be. “(Note 1). It seems that the videos on the PC, the picture of Chagall in the conference room, and the picture of Picasso in the lobby could be viewed normally in every detail (Note 2).

Picasso and Ishikawa

Chagall and Ishikawa

After that, Ishikawa joined QD Laser as a device advisor. I use the RETISSA series for watching videos and checking videos of games and practice scenes. He also appeared in an interview with a person who experienced retinal projection technology, and talked about his experience of Noh theater as follows. “I enjoyed it because I could see the whole stage clearly. I was drawn into the stage. I wasn’t tired at all. However, I thought it would be easier to see if the screen looked a little brighter. Simple (for shading) I hope there is a cover. “

Interview with the experiencer 7th Low vision judoka watching the Noh stage “I saw Noh’s legs!”

Ishikawa seems to have been practicing for the first time in the dojo from the 3rd of the New Year, in which he practiced ground fighting, driving, and standing skills, and is working hard to participate in the 2024 Paris Paralympics. I would like to wear a T-shirt with a QD laser logo to watch the game and go to cheer.

Note 1: Unfortunately, RETISSA is currently limited to sitting or standing still. There are still technical and legal hurdles to enable walking and driving, but future improvements in technology and equipment will make it look like ordinary glasses that can be used in all aspects of daily life. I will continue. We are currently developing the next generation of RETISSA Display.

Note 2: One of the advantages of retinal projection is that you can see the whole and part at once because you can see it without having to bring your eyes close to the screen.



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