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Sebastian Pufpaff: “Disguised” as Djokovic, he mocks the tennis star

by archysport

The former cult show “TV total” by and with entertainer Stefan Raab (55) has been back since the end of last few years. Cabaret artist Sebastian Pufpaff (45), or “Uncle Puffi” as he calls himself, is now leading the show. The Raab successor has found joy in dressing up, so he has appeared as Helene Fischer or Dortmund coach Marco Rose (45).

In yesterday’s broadcast, the comedian gave a big deal against the Serbian tennis star Novak Djokovic (34). The Serb makes headlines ahead of the start of the Australian Open on Monday. He had apparently arrived with a medical exemption for entry without proof of vaccination, but the visa was then withdrawn. The Australian Open starts on January 17th.

In a white tennis dress, shirt and shorts, as well as with a sweatband on his right wrist and a tennis racket in hand, Pufpaff appeared “disguised” in front of his audience and let loose various jokes at the tennis star’s expense.

Sebastian Pufpaff: “This is this extremely personable tennis player …”

“Let’s put it this way: Novak, he cheated a bit with his vaccination records and where he has been lately. The Australians don’t like that very much now,” Pufpaff summarized.

And further: “Djokovic, if you don’t know him yet: This is this extremely personable tennis player who can be very, very helpful,” the comedian then explained and showed a YouTube video of Djokovic at the 2020 US Open knocked away a ball and accidentally hit a linesman.

The highlight of the Djokovic bashing was finally a “studio survey”. Pufpaff wanted to know who was of the opinion that Novak Djkokovic should be allowed to play the Australian Open. “Okay, we have three Serbs in the room,” said Pufpaff, commenting on the result.

The “Djokovic” deposits were well received by most viewers, and there were many positive comments on Twitter. For others, however, the concentrated Djokovic bashing went a little too far.

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