Schedule of Seabrek Shin Tae Yong to lead two Indonesian national teams in 2022

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia —

After AFF Cup 2020, Shin Tae Yong already awaited a very dense agenda together Indonesian National team seniors and under-23s in 2022.

After escorting Asnawi Mangkualam and friends to win the silver medal of the AFF Cup 2020, Shin Tae Yong expressed his desire to change the ‘color’ at the AFF Cup 2022.

The determination was uploaded on Instagram social media, Sunday (2/1) night, along with his photos at the 2020 AFF Cup.

In 2022, Shin has been waiting for various football events. Not only the 2022 AFF Cup which is likely to take place at the end of the year, but also the agenda with the U-23 Indonesian National Team.

Together with the Garuda Muda team, Shin’s progress will be awaited in the AFF U-23 Cup which starts in mid-February.

After that, Shin will again feel the competition in the Southeast Asian region in the SEA Games sports party which is planned to take place in May.

There is also an agenda for the 2022 Asian Games which is said to be held in September. If the U-23 Indonesian National Team departs, it will add to the length of Shin’s work.

No less important is the mission to qualify for the 2023 Asian Cup. Together with the senior Indonesian national team, Shin will participate in the Asian Cup qualifiers which are scheduled to take place in June.

After these agendas, the 2022 AFF Cup is likely to be the closing.

Not to mention there are FIFA match day matches which are also important in order to improve the ranking of the Indonesian national team.

Shin Tae Yong’s schedule in the Indonesian National Team for 2022:

– FIFA match day (end of January) – Senior National Team
– Piala AFF U-23 (February 14-26) – U-23
– FIFA match day (end of March) – Senior National Team
-SEA Games (12-23 Mei)-U-23
– 2023 Asian Cup Qualification (8-14 June) – Senior National Team
– Asian Games (10-25 September) – U-23
– FIFA match day (mid September) – Senior National Team
– 2022 AFF Cup (December) – Senior National Team

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