Salmantino starts the year as sub-leader in Spain’s BSR – El Sol de Salamanca

With renewed vigor after his marriage by the civilian and sharing Decembrinas and New Year’s Parties with the family, the Guanajuato player and national team of Wheelchair Basketball (BSR), José Salvador Sandoval González returned to Spain for what will be the resumption of his sixth season in the Professional League of Adapted Sports of the Iberian country.

Salvador Sandoval, also known as “La Serpiente or Torre Azteca”, arrived in the old continent on the night of Monday, January 3, where he is currently part of the Mideba Extremadura team, sub-leader of the Professional Wheelchair Basketball League in Spain.

In this regard, the forward – pivot player born in Salamanca comments, “We are doing well, secondly, we will resume visiting the Canary Islands, a direct rival in the fight at the top of the table, we have to try to maintain the rhythm taken before the Christmas holidays, we have only lost one game, it was with Albacete, now in first place, our next rival is the Canary Islands who are in third position (zic) ”.

After this break, the sub-leader Mideba Extremadura, returned to training for the match against third place in the table to be played on Sunday, January 8.

For this year, the Salamanca player also hopes to have activity at the level of the National Team within the Copa América where he will seek to qualify for the world championship of the discipline, “it is an event that in theory we have at the door with the National Team.”

The Mexican player is currently playing his sixth season as a professional player in Spain, and he is aware that he has yet to win the title after several tournaments where he has been fighting first places in the League.

So far his greatest achievement dates back to his third season in Spain (2019), there with Club Mideba Extremadura he finished the regular season as general leader, an honorary position for the first time reached by the Badajoz team and even on that occasion they closed the first round as undefeated.

That same year, within the European Cup, the player from Salamanca achieved the championship and promotion of Club Mideba by ascending from Euroleague two to Euroleague one.

In his fifth season, the Salamanca player finished in fourth place in the Spanish League, which since that contest on the issue of the pandemic is played on points to decree the champion, previously the first four places classified in the Final Four to define to the monarch.

Therefore, the relevance of the first duel this year that Mideba Extremadura will visit against the Canary Islands.

The table of position in the Division of Honor or League of BSR of Spain is as follows: 1. BSR Amiab Albacete F / L 6/0 12 pts. 2. Extremadura measured 5/1 11 pts. 3. BSR ACE Gran Canaria 5/1 11 pts. 4. Amivel Reyes Gutiérrez 4/2 10 pts. 5. CD Ilunión 4/2 10 pts. 6. Fundación Aliados 3/3 9 pts. 7. Iberconsa Amfiv 3/3 9 pts. 8. Bidaideak Bilbao BSR 3/3 9 pts. 9. UCAM Murcia BSR 1/5 7 pts. 10. Servigest Burgos 1/5 7 pts. 11. FDI Las Rozas Foundation 1/5 7 pts. 12. Vital Zuzenak Foundation 0/6 6 pts.




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