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Ryman’s Club – New promotional video for the anime about badminton

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The debut of Ryman’s Club, the highly anticipated badminton anime, is getting closer and closer. Here is a new promotional video and the closing theme song

Aimi Yamauchi at LIDEN FILMS. The original character design of the characters belongs to Suzuhito Yasuda (Durarara!!), while the one for animation in Majiro (Barakamon, Macross Delta, 22/7).

Here is the new promotional video:

From the video we learn the confirmation that the closing theme song of the first season will be Nisen Gohyaku Man no Ichi, played by Mafumafu. A few days ago we informed you that the opening theme of the anime will be instead The Warrior by Novelbright. The soundtrack of the anime was entrusted to the Fox Capture Plan musical group.

Protagonist of Ryman’s Club is Mikoto Shiratori, a young badminton prodigy, unable to accept a defeat suffered during a major competition. Now Mikoto works in the sales department of the Sunlight Beverage company, and continues to play badminton on the corporate team. Within the latter there is also Taturu Miyazumi, the best player and salesman of the company.

The main cast includes:

Junya Enoki: Mikoto Shiratori

Shinichiro Miki:Tatsuru Miyazumi

Kaito Ishikawa: Sōta Saeki

Ryota Ohsaka: Toya Saeki

Tetsuya Kakihara: Kōki Takeda.

What do you think of the new video? It intrigues you Ryman’s Club? Let us know in the comments!

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