Russell Westbrook’s answer

At the end of tonight’s race, where i Los Angeles Lakers were defeated 133-96 by the Denver Nuggets, Magic Johnson he hasn’t made it anymore. On Twitter he wrote that he, the Lakers fans in general and especially the owner Jeanie Buss, his great friend, “They deserve better”.

The Lakers are currently seventh to the West with a losing record of 21-22, with 3 consecutive losses. After the race, a Russell Westbrook A comment on Magic’s words was asked. The yellow-purple point guard is the most criticized player this season, but he scored 19 points against Denver after 3 consecutive games in which he failed to reach double figures.

“I have no reaction to his words. Everyone in this world can have their own opinion. Regardless of which one it is. You can treasure it, let it enter one ear and exit the other, or you can not answer “ said Westbrook, who evidently didn’t want to start a controversy with Johnson.


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