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Rookie Chae-min Lee joins ‘The speed to you’… Chae Jong-hyeop and Tiki Taka

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[조이뉴스24 김양수 기자] Rookie Chae-min Lee exudes the charm of the lovely youngest in ‘The speed to you at 493 km’.

The new KBS 2TV drama ‘The Speed ​​To You’ (played by Heo Seong-hye, directed by Jo Woong), scheduled to be broadcast in the first half of 2022, is a refreshing twenty-five, sports-oriented Park Tae-yang (Park Joo-hyun) and sports professional Park Tae-joon (Chae Jong-hyeop), a professional badminton team. hot sports romance in It heralds a romance that tickles like the feathers of a shuttlecock and pierces strongly at a maximum speed of 493 km/h.

Rookie actress Lee Chae-min will appear in ‘The Speed ​​To You 493km’. [사진=골드메달리스트]

Lee Chae-min takes on the role of Lee Ji-ho, a member of the corporate team Eunice. He likes to cook and his goal in life is to earn money by playing badminton to open a restaurant. Although he is the youngest these days who refuses to be the youngest, he begins a humiliating youngest life after becoming roommates with Park Tae-joon.

In the drama, Chae-min Lee will show cute charm that cannot be hated and the chemistry of the tiki-taka rally with Chae Jong-hyeop.

Lee Chae-min debuted in 2021 with ‘High Class’. After that, he finished filming as the main character of the teen romance movie ‘We Do Every Day’.

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