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RivieraBanca Basket Rimini – Discovering LUISS Rome!

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RivieraBanca Basket Rimini – Discovering LUISS Rome!

Fifteenth day of the championship for RivieraBanca Basket Rimini which, net of the recoveries against Jesi and Ancona, is preparing to conclude its first round with the longest away match of the regular season: the trip to the capital to face LUISS Rome, currently twelfth in the standings (record: 5-9), Sunday 16 January at 6 pm at the PalaLuiss.

The Lazio players, led on the bench by Coach Andrea Paccariè, are an extremely young team (average age 21.8 years) that can count on a very long roster. LUISS, which for now remains the only team to have snatched the pink report against leaders Roseto on the third day, has returned from a good moment of form as evidenced by the streak of three consecutive victories and in general a record of 4-1 in the last five games which also include the successes against Jesi and, above all, Senigallia.

The Capitoline players certainly express themselves better on the home parquet, the PalaLuiss, which has different characteristics than, for example, our PalaFlaminio: it is a fairly small, more contained field, which enhances the hosts on both halves.

The control room is entrusted to one of the most ‘elderly’ players of the group, that is the playmaker born in 1997 Marco Pasqualin who in his career boasts a promotion to A2 with Cento as well as numerous participations in the playoffs of the B series. Not very high (178 cm), he is a very talented play with excellent realization skills (10.3 average points so far) both from the arc and from two points.

The ‘guard’ slot is occupied by the 1998 class of Cesare Barbon, product of the Reyer Venezia youth sector, a very talented player who makes the three-point shot his specialty (39% from over the arc for him this season). Remaining in the external department we find the guard / winger born in 1997 Giorgio Di Bonaventura, coming from Teramo and with A2 career experiences with the shirts of Cento, Latina and Roseto: player with excellent offensive qualities, can play both front and back of the basket and is one of the main references of Luiss Roma, so far he has averaged 8.9 points and 5.4 rebounds per game.

The long package of the Lazio players includes the guard / winger born in 1999 Matija Jovovic, an athlete of thickness normally used by ‘4’, but who for several minutes also acted as a center, so far the author of an excellent championship as evidenced by the 8.8 points and 6 average rebounds per game. Under the dashboards we also find the center class 2000 Francesco Buzzi, already known by Coach Mattia Ferrari for his training in Casale Monferrato: good size (205 cm), he is a very generous player who can count on excellent dexterity.

The most dangerous player of LUISS Roma comes out of the bench, that is the playmaker class 2001 Domenico D’Argenzio, author in the last victory with Senigallia of the decisive basket at the end: very skilled in creating shooting situations, he is a play-combo that can also play alongside Pasqualin as a guard. So far he is the best scorer of his with 12 points per game.

Coach Paccariè can also count on the 2000 class guard / winger Riccardo Murri, a complete and versatile player with an average of over 20 ‘per game who is always ready when called upon and contributes with 6.9 points per game.

For the Lazio players, Marco Legnini, the oldest player on the roster who had started the year in C Gold, always in a Roman team, arrived in the current season, just over a month ago. . In the three games played so far he has shown himself with 7.7 points, 4.7 rebounds and a good 33% from the arc.

The roster is closed by two long youngsters such as the 2002 Davide Tolino class and the 1998 Matteo Converso class, both very placed (204 cm and 208 cm respectively) but with different characteristics: Tolino more inclined to open up for the shot thanks to his polite hand, Converso exploits more physicality and athleticism.

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