Home football Red Devils – Should Eden Hazard leave Real Madrid so as not to mortgage his chances of going to the 2022 World Cup in Qatar?

Red Devils – Should Eden Hazard leave Real Madrid so as not to mortgage his chances of going to the 2022 World Cup in Qatar?

by archysport

The bench, again the bench, again the bench. And until when? !

Yesterday evening, in a semi-final of the Spanish Super Cup which lasted 120 minutes between “his” Real and Barça (final score 2-3, qualification of the Madrilenians), Eden Hazard did not receive a single minute of play from Carlo Ancelotti. Sadly, an air that is already too well known.

Does Carlo Ancelotti play with Eden Hazard’s feet?

However, recently, the Italian coach praised our compatriot, to whom he had given playing time to compensate for the unavailability of certain executives, injured or sick.

The deadlock therefore seems total for the N.7 of Merengue while the end of the winter transfer window is in full swing.

Is the future of the captain of the Devils in Madrid bleak? We asked the question to Philippe albert, Consultant RTBF.

“After 2.5 years without playing, at her age and despite her qualities, Eden will have great difficulty coming back”.

For Philippe Albert “The situation is also difficult for Ancelotti and for the club, which spent a lot of money (115 million euros) to buy Eden, which has not done him a great service so far. Ancelotti also said to himself that since he is “fit” again, he will be able to count on him for one or the other troubleshooting, and therefore he does not want to take the risk of toasting him.“.

So the question is not “Should he go?” but “Can he leave?”.

If an offer over 50million comes in, Real will release Hazard, but… “

Real will not want to let him go for nothing, but I believe that if a good offer, that is to say at least 50 million, arrives in Madrid, we will release him. The problem is then to find a club which puts this sum on the table (for a player who has not played for so long) and then provides his salary, which is still important.

And then, we have to see if Eden wants to leave? Her family is happy in Madrid, her children go to school there, and Eden attaches importance to this aspect of her life “.

If he does not leave Madrid, is Eden’s career in jeopardy?

Career compromised… I wouldn’t say, because Hazard remains a very talented player. But that would mean again 4 months on the bench, praying to receive a little playing time, then hope that a club will buy it, redo a preparation, with the World Cup in perspective, so a big workload. for him… Not easy! And morally, it will all end up weighing I fear“.

Even at 70%, I take Eden to the World Cup in Qatar

The more the weeks go by, the darker the horizon of N.10 des Diables. If in a year, he has not found a way to improve his situation, can we imagine Roberto Martinez leave him in Braine-le-Comte?

Nothing can be taken for granted, and this situation is very worrying for the national team (and of course for the player himself), but Eden Hazard, even at 70%, I take it “.

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