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The Lakers are the center of attention of celebrities because of their successful history and being the team of the city of Los Angeles, the center of the movie industry. We are used to seeing well-known names of show business in the front seats at Lakers games. Most of them watch the matches as a kind of public relations work. There are those who closely follow the Lakers games due to their interest in basketball, but none of them can match Jack Nicholson’s love of the Lakers. The Oscar-winning actor has hardly missed a game since 1970, at the Forum at that time, then at the Staples Center. For the 84-year-old actor, the Lakers were so important to their film contracts that they included a clause not to shoot on the day of the Lakers game, as well as financial issues. He witnessed the success of the Lakers in the last 40 years, excluding 2020 during the quarantine period. Show time years with Magic, Kareem, Worthy, 2000s with Kobe and Shaq followed by championships with Kobe and Gasol from the front row. Kobe didn’t forget him as he hugged and said goodbye to his teammates, former players and managers in his last match. Because Jack Nicholson has always been part of the team. So much so that the team received a technical foul in a Lakers game for objecting to the referee’s decision. The team is not penalized for a fan’s objection to the referee. There is no such rule. However, since he was always considered part of the Lakers, the team was punished, albeit without rules. No one noticed this situation. Oh Kobe objected, huh Jack!

Jack Nicholson, who last watched the Lakers with his son Ray in the Golden State game in October, was not in good health. Express newspaper used the phrase “living his last days” for Nicholson. It is said that the actor, who has severe dementia, is not physically bad, but his mind is gone. I hope his health improves and we’ll see him watching the Lakers again with his clever eyes.

Alperen will learn from his master

We have always witnessed positive developments in the NBA career of Alperen Şengün, our youngest representative in the NBA, for a few months. No matter how many minutes he plays, he makes a steady contribution. His teammates, fans, Houston management are very happy with his progress and work ethic. He succeeded in being our pride with the line of our great leader Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, in line with the definition of “intelligent, agile and moral”. Our basketball player, who continues to work without losing his concentration, said that he will work with Hakeem Olajuwon to improve his back-turned game, and the Nigerian basketball player promised him on this issue. This is a very important development for our 18-year-old player. Audiences know that Olajuwon was a skillful player with his feet. He used to define basketball as “a game played with the feet in which the hands can be used”. It had a quality post-up game that would do justice to that description. After he quit basketball, many NBA players, including Kobe Bryant and Lebron James, took post-up lessons from him. Lebron’s signature shot by turning left after taking his opponent on his back and pulling back slightly is the result of working with Olajuwon. Alperen is fast with his face turned, but slow with his back. The fact that he will be working with his Nigerian master will add a lot to his back-turned game. In today’s basketball, Alperen cannot define his entire attack with his back, but it would be very useful if he added it to his repertoire as an effective weapon.

Rebounds ok but the road is long

I can say that Ömer Faruk Yurtseven, who had the chance to play for the Miami Heat after Bam Adebayo’s injury, used this opportunity well. Our 98-born basketball player, who remained in the game with an average of 30 minutes in the last 6 games, averaged 10 points and 13 rebounds during this period and achieved a high productivity score. Ömer Faruk, who could find 3 minutes in some matches at the beginning of the year, showed that he could contribute when he found time. However, he has a shortcoming in offensive terms. Efforts should be made to remove them. He must score three points first. He was beating in juniors and the NCAA. It should regain that feature. It cannot be said that he is a good finisher under the rim. It will get better as you play. On the other hand, I can’t say that he got the backup center role from Dewayne Dedmon even though he paid for the time he played. Adebayo may not find time when he returns. He should continue to work without breaking his concentration and wait for the turn to come again. For Ömer, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. As long as it keeps working.

Rondo will fill Rubio’s void

Cleveland Cavaliers, one of the biggest breakout teams of the season, could not recover from injuries. After Collin Sexton closed the season with an injury at the beginning of the season, Ricky Rubio broke his left anterior cruciate ligament in the New Orleans Pelicans game and became another name who closed the season. He was the lead role in the Cavaliers debut alongside Spanish playmaker Evan Mobley. His absence will be felt within the team. It’s also very difficult for coach JB Bickerstaff to fill Rubio’s void from within the team. The news that GM Koby Altman has agreed with the Lakers on Rajon Rondo for the quarterback reinforcement was reflected in the media. I don’t know what they’re going to get in return, but it seemed like a logical move to me.




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