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Pinghu touches the social power switch of sports and stimulates the economic engine of the event

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Pinghu touches the social power switch of sports and stimulates the economic engine of the event

Release date: 2022-01-14 16:42

Source of information: Municipal Sports Bureau


In recent years, Pinghu City has innovated the national fitness mechanism, improved the intelligent facilities of the venues, introduced social forces, held major events, etc., to promote the diversified development of the sports industry, and is committed to creating a “Pinghu sample” for common prosperity in the sports field. In 2021, it was awarded the national advanced unit of mass sports, won the first gold in Jiaxing City at the Tokyo Paralympic Games, and won the best results in history with 2 golds, 6 silvers and 1 bronze at the 14th National Games.

1. Open up a new path for social forces to invest in the sports industry. One is to support social forces to participate in the construction of sports projects. Implement sports project investment promotion projects, support social capital to invest in sports projects, and change the phenomenon of the government’s “uniform focus and management” in the past. Pinghu has introduced more than 10 large-scale sports such as rowing clubs, horse clubs, golf, etc. The per capita sports area in the city reaches 3.23 square meters, ranking first in Jiaxing. Social professional company operation. The second is to encourage social forces to purchase government services. Through the government’s purchase of services, priority should be given to supporting social forces to undertake, and to change the phenomenon of the government’s “closing the door and holding the competition”. From 2019 to 2020, all 9 events at or above the provincial level in Pinghu will be undertaken by social forces through government-purchased services, and the amount of government-purchased services has reached more than 4 million yuan. The third is to implement exclusive preferential policies for social forces. Formulate the “Pinghu Municipal Sports Association Evaluation and Assessment Measures”, which clearly includes “undertaking the transfer of government functions and purchasing services” into the performance assessment content of sports associations. Every year, the city’s sports associations are evaluated and assessed, and 50,000 yuan will be awarded to those who have obtained grade A or above. RMB, RMB 30,000 and RMB 10,000. At the same time, sports industry awards and subsidy funds have been set up, and subsidies have been made overall arrangements. Various enterprises involved in the sports industry have obtained subsidy funds of more than 5 million yuan.

2. Encourage social forces to participate in the new operation of sports management. One is to develop sports social organizations. There are 21 sports clubs in our city, of which 2 are 4A-level and 7 are 3A-level; the construction of “1+5” sports social organizations in towns and streets has been fully covered. At present, there are more than 2,000 social sports instructors at all levels, entering enterprises and villages. , the community to guide, become the “leader” of mass sports. The Pinghu City Road Running Association and the Pinghu City Baseball and Softball Association were established under the background of the Zhejiang-Shanghai rural marathon and baseball events. The second is to support social forces in organizing events. Let sports organizations participate in the hosting of brand events, publicize the concept of fitness life, and promote the construction of a national fitness public service system. Based on the local reality, it has created brands of special sports events such as baseball and the Zhejiang-Shanghai Marathon, actively carried out special events with the theme of “Enjoy Sports +”, and successfully held the first Yangtze River Delta Sports and Leisure Experience Season and the Fourth Zhejiang Sports and Leisure Tourism Festival , the National Go League, the 29th Asian TV Go Express Tournament and other brand events, and organizes more than 100 other colorful events every year, with nearly 500,000 people participating. The third is to support social forces to participate in amateur training. Encourage social forces to participate in the training of sports reserve talents, select the best social sports training institutions as reserve talent training bases, and break the closed pattern of training in the competitive sports talent system. The Wushu routine project was distributed in the city’s Lingwu Sports Club, and the Taekwondo project was distributed in Longteng Sports Co., Ltd., all of which have received good results. The grade recognition, competition selection, and performance rewards of athletes from social institutions are the same as those of the minor sports school athletes, all based on their participation performance, which has contributed to the improvement of the level of competitive sports in Pinghu City.

3. Ignite the enthusiasm of social forces to participate in national fitness. The first is to create a new model of national fitness in the “sports home” smart sports community. Taking the village (community) as the unit and “Internet +” as the support, build a “sports home” smart sports community, set up the overall structure of the smart sports community, connect the sports resources such as gyms and social venues in the area, and combine the grid to carry out For daily management, through the application of sports data to the cloud and the application of intelligent IoT technology, we will build a “sports home” smart sports platform, build a three-dimensional management system linked by “online system + offline community”, and build a 15-minute fitness circle. The second is to make up for the shortcomings of rural sports. The city has established special sports bases such as baseball bases and rowing sports bases in the form of introducing strategic partners, established professional event operation companies and teams, and joined hands with well-known groups such as the Babe Ruth Baseball League to carry out events. For example, Jiaxing Countryside Village Cultural Tourism and Sports Development Co., Ltd. provides accommodation, catering, cultural and creative products and other services for baseball activities. In 2020, the company achieved an operating income of over 15 million yuan. The third is social events to promote new economic benefits of sports. Sports is a typical popular interface, which can bring a steady stream of “visits”. There are more than 2,000 participants from all over the country in our city’s annual events, together with escorts and spectators, which will greatly promote local tourism, accommodation, catering and other industries, develop leisure sports and homestay economy, and revitalize sleeping resources. Extending the tourism industry can also promote local farmers to generate income and become rich. The Xujiadai Baseball Stadium in Lindai Town mainly relies on the two modern agricultural leaders of Xinghuo Farm and Dayin Farm to innovate the development model of “baseball + agriculture + tourism”, attracting groups to participate in baseball games and baseball training, bringing the beauty of the region to life economy.

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