Paraná Campaign: Arsenal de Viale beat Cañadita on penalties and was crowned two-time champion

Arsenal de Viale became two-time champion of the Soccer League, Rubén Ceballos Cup, of Paraná Campaign 2021. They beat Cañadita Central de Seguí from penalties 5-4 and won the tournament title, after equalizing in the 90 regulations and also in extra time 1-1 at the Vialense stadium and with the refereeing of Roberto Lima from Paraná.

Lautaro Osuna opened the scoring for Seguí’s team in the first half while the experienced Diego Martínez put the equalizer 10 minutes from time.

In the extra time and at times with a strong storm, the teams had chances but the story closed tied, so it was necessary to resort to the definition from the final point. There the team that celebrated the achievement for a tough season of the Chacarerro contest had better luck.

From the 12 steps, they scored for the champion Leandro Figueroa, Sebastián Malimberni, Luis Flores, Rodrigo Hernández and Lucas Gabrielli, while Kevin López’s shot was contained by the Lucas Rodríguez cast.

Lautaro Osuna, Ariel Schvaigert, Joan Villalba and Alexis Galliusi scored for Cañada, while Marcos Rodríguez failed his shot and Héctor Acevedo blocked Milton Spinelli’s shot.

Arsenal was the current champion and this Sunday they revalidated the crown. In 2019, Verde added the title by defeating Independiente de Hernandarias while in 2020 the championship could not be played due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Led by Ángel Rodríguez, Cañadita reached a final after 20 years and although the performance in the contest was very good, it did not allow him to win the title in chacarero football.



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