Pafbet LAT-EST: Ogre, Liepāja and VALMIERA GLASS VIA will play on Saturday

On Saturday, January 22, three Latvian teams will play in the Pafbet Latvian-Estonian Basketball League. At 5 pm, BC “Ogre” – “TalTech” and BC “Liepāja” – “KK Viimsi” will go to the square, but at 7 pm “VALMIERA GLASS VIA” – “Tallinna Kalev” will play.

5 pm BC “Ogre” (6-6) – “TalTech” (11-6): TV4 and internet platform

In the first round at the beginning of October, the Ogre team suffered the heaviest loss of the season against TalTech (73: 103).

“Ogre” will leave the field after a month-long break (the previous game was on December 22). In the first half of the season, the most stable and useful were Rihards Zēbergs (average 14.3 points), Uģis Pinete (11.1), Rinalds Sirsniņš (10.8 + 5.3.) And Kristaps Dārgais (10.2 + 9.2 atl., + 5.1 pass).

The TalTech team played three games with the Estonian teams in January (2-1). The only team in the neighboring country that lives only with Estonian basketball players.

5 pm BC “Liepāja” (3-9) – “KK Viimsi” (10-4): on the internet platform

In the first lap, “Liepāja” lost 69:81 away.

Liepāja residents Pafbet returned to the Latvian-Estonian league a week ago with a loss to Kalev / Cramo (59:78). So far, the most successful player of the whole league, Werner Kohs (averaging 19 points) is treating the injury, Kārlis Žunda (11.6) did not play either. Roberts Bērziņš (12.4), Zigmārs Raimo (11 + 9.5 atl.), Kārlis Šiliņš (11.2) and Roberts Krastiņš (11) have to withstand a heavier load.

The KK Viimsi team has lost in the last three games, also on Thursday in Ventspils (70: 100). Ronald Zakis still has the best statistics (15.7 + 6.8 atlases).

7 pm “VALMIERA GLASS VIA” (2-12) – “Tallinna Kalev” (3-11): internet platform

In the first lap, “VALMIERA GLASS VIA” lost to Tallinn at 69:89. In the table, the teams are next to each other (14th and 13th place, respectively).

The first game after the turn of the year is also for the people of Valmiera. He has previously lost five games in a row. So far, the best statistics have been for Jānis Kaufmanis (12.3), Klāvs Dubults (10.6) and Ingums Jakovičs (10.3).

Tallinna Kalev’s series of failures has reached seven games. After a break, the team returned to the field on Wednesday, losing the Kalev / Cramo without reservation (55: 113). A prominent leader is Jonas Jervelainen (16.7). Eduard Hazer averages 9.6 points. Māris Ziediņš 6.3.


On Friday, Rakvere Tarvas (3-11) – AVIS Utilitas Rapla (6-7)). “Parnu Sadam” (6-7) – “Tartu Ulikool” (3-10) will still play on Saturday.



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