OPINION | Novak Djokovic’s career is in danger

end to soap opera Novak Djokovic, an event that has opened the news around the world. The reality and although it hurts many and do not want to admit it, is that the number one in the world during the pandemic, has made explicit his refusal to be vaccinated and now in every possible way he has tried to force the rules to be able to defend his throne in Australia and take advantage of its top star status. Let’s not lie, the only one affected in this matter is not only the Serbian tennis player. The tournament itself loses a lot after Djokovic’s withdrawal, since for them, Nole is to Australia what Nadal is to Roland Garros or Federer is to Wimbledon.

As Boris Becker said a few days ago, Novak Djokovic’s career is in serious danger if the Serb continues in his thirteenth and continues without getting vaccinated: “I have been his coach and I consider Novak Djokovic as part of my family, but as in all families, sometimes there are disagreements. On this occasion, I think you are making a big mistake by not getting vaccinated. This can seriously damage your career and your chance to establish yourself as the best player of all time. Four are the times that I I’ve sat in his box while he won the Australian Open, and I know first-hand what his strengths are and what his flaws are. I think he’s making a mistake in this process.” We all think the same as the German legend in these statements. There is a lot of news that Wimbledon and the US Open could also expel Djokovic from his tournament due to the existing measures also in those countries. The fight to see who is the best player of all time against Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer is on the ropes.

In my opinion, it can’t end like this. An agreement will have to be reached. A player of the stature of Novak Djokovic cannot dirty his sports career in that way. There is no doubt that he will return. Everything that is happening with him in recent days will hurt him a lot, but Djokovic is not the type of athlete who loses sleep after a few weeks of great sadness. Possibly, he will come back more determined than ever and the fans will come back to support him again. I don’t want to get into whether he is the GOAT or if he isn’t, but there is no doubt that a minimum of respect must be had for him.

Finally, we are in a society where there is diversity of opinion. I can think in one way and another person in another. Djokovic has thoughts that many may question in a pandemic, he may even be upset by his performances on and off the court. I really think he was wrong, but we cannot hide the disastrous treatment he has received in a country where he has been champion nine times and where he has been treated in a contemptuous manner. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Serbian never set foot on the Australian continent again.

And most important of all, the best thing is that we forget about it as soon as possible and enjoy this Australian Open 2022.




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