Novak Djokovic, option to be deported after having a withdrawn visa

That’s all for today. It is not expected that there will be more news at the moment, although if new news occurs you can read it on our website. Thank you very much to all of you who have remained attentive to the case Novak Djokovic and their possible deportation. The case will be resolved hours before the start of the Open de Australia 2022.

12:12h The session is temporarily suspended.

12.03. Djokovic will be detained by Australian authorities tomorrow morning and will remain so until the final trial, which could be Sunday.

11:45h. The Federal Government requires Djokovic to report to its offices at 08:00 am Australian time on Saturday, without ruling out that he will be detained.

11:37h. The argument of Djokovic’s lawyers to refute the measure of the Immigration Minister is that the reasons he has given do not coincide with those of the Border Force that withdrew his visa in the first instance, believing that he is being deported due to the anti-vaccine sentiment that it can generate in the country, ignoring what their expulsion from the country would mean.

11:23h. All the efforts of the Serbian’s lawyers are aimed at speeding up the process to be able to hold a new trial tomorrow and have the final opinion on Sunday, so that he can compete if the sentence is favorable.

11: 21h. Novak will not be detained at the moment, awaiting his appearance tomorrow.

11.15h. Djokovic’s lawyers want the tennis player to be released and his visa returned. They believe they can present a formal complaint in less than an hour.

11: 11h. The judge is proposing a deportation court order on Djokovic for Saturday from 4:00 p.m. local time, that is, 6:00 a.m. Spanish time.

10:41h. This is the YouTube page from which the court hearing can be followed

10:27h. A court hearing is scheduled with Judge Anthony Kelly, who released the Serbian a few days ago. It will start in just 25 minutes, at 10:45 a.m. Spanish time and can be followed on YouTube.

09:23h. These are the assumptions why Djokovic could be saved from the three-year ban to enter Australia: reasons of general interest to the country and compassion.

09: 18h. Djokovic could have an interrogation with Border Force officials tomorrow and until it occurs, he will be free and pending any legal developments. The Federal Government is in talks with his lawyers.

09: 06h. The Australian Prime Minister issues a statement supporting the decision of Alex Hawke, the Minister of Immigration. It refers to the many sacrifices that have been made to preserve health in these times of pandemic.

09: 00h. Djokovic now has four possible scenarios:

1. Accept the withdrawal of the visa and go home

2. Challenge the decision of the Minister of Immigration and go to trial. It is resolved in your favor before Monday and you can play the tournament

3. Challenge the decision of the Minister of Immigration and go to trial. He loses, goes home and has his presence in Australia seriously threatened for three years.

4. He appeals, wins the trial, but the Federal Government returns to file another appeal against him, the judge having to decide whether to detain him while the case is resolved or to let him play.

08:46h. Djokovic’s lawyers continue to consider the options they have. In case of appeal, they will request a speedy trial that is completed on Sunday, in order not to interfere in a possible participation of the world number 1 in the Australian Open 2022.

08.38h. Although it is true that the rules of Australia are clear and stipulate that with a withdrawn visa you will have to stay 3 years without entering the country, there could be some discretionary reasons that qualify that prohibition. Some sources suggest that Djokovic’s team of lawyers could be negotiating with the federal government in this regard.

08:28h. The possibility of immediate deportation is feasible, while we continue to await news from the team of Balkan lawyers.

08.25h. The Serb could face a 3-year disciplinary penalty without entering Australia after this second visa withdrawal.

08: 11h. Djokovic’s lawyers must file a judicial appeal immediately because if they do not do so, the Serbian tennis player could be arrested for deportation. Also, if they did, but it was dismissed, he would also be expelled. The only hope for them is that the judge will grant him a precautionary measure of release while he evaluates the evidence they may present.

08:04h. This has been the official letter with which the Minister of Immigration has communicated to the world that he was taking the decision to withdraw Novak Djokovic’s visa. It is not specified how to proceed next, so now a really interesting panorama opens up when it comes to knowing what can become of Djokovic in the next few hours.

08:03h. Now a scenario full of uncertainty opens in which it is expected that the tennis player can be detained again and taken to the premises of the hotel where he has already been for several days. However, his lawyers were prepared for this decision and could have an ace up their sleeve in the form of a judicial recourse, which would allow the player to remain free and even opt to compete in the Australian Open 2022 until the situation is clarified. .

08: 00h. What everyone had been waiting for for days is already news. Novak Djokovic faces a very delicate situation when seeing how Alex Hawke, Minister of Immigration, has exercised his executive power to withdraw his visa for the second time. After much deliberation and trying to decipher the confusing evidence regarding the possibility that the Serbian tennis player had made serious mistakes during the process prior to entering the country, Hawke makes the decision in order to preserve “health and public order “, also communicating that it has the support of the Prime Minister of Australia, Scott Morrison.




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