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NFL Playoffs 2022: Mac Jones has the backing of the entire Patriots team to face the NFL postseason

by archysport

A throughout its first season in the NFL, Mac Jones has been a clear reflection of the way the Patriots do things. He has been modest, he has worked hard and He has only tried to do what he is asked to avoid mistakes inflicting harm on it.

This has been reflected in achievements such as that of be the best rookie quarterback of the season in wins (10), passing yards (3,801) and touchdown passes (22). But it hasn’t kept him immune to the bumps that rookies inevitably suffer.

For Jones it has meant endure a 2-4 start, enjoy the honeys of a seven-win streak, and then spin three defeats in the last four games of the regular season.

It also helped the Pats return to the postseason for the first time since Tom Brady I left the team after the 2019 campaign.

Jones tries to assimilate that the stakes are most relevant on Saturday, when the Patriots travel to Buffalo for their wild card game against the Bills. In the meantime, you’ve been reminded to stick with the model that has gotten you to this point.

“I think it’s a little more to do, but we have to stick to what we know and we just have to prepare as we always have, regardless of the situation,” Jones said.

Of 19 rookie quarterbacks selected in the first round of the draft since 2013 (with at least 10 starts) Jones is the first to finish the season with a winning record. As the only quarterback selected in the first round to advance to the postseason in 2021, will also have the opportunity to become the first rookie quarterback since Russell Wilson (third-round pick in 2012) to win a match of playoffs. He will be the first New England rookie quarterback to do so.

“He just keeps working on everything,” said Josh McDaniels, the Patriots’ offensive coordinator. “I don’t think there’s an area where I can say ‘wow, that was the best area for growth and improvement.’ and get better, he really takes them and tries to do his best with the time that we have in training to do what we ask of him. “

As much as Jones has been a model for developing the culture that the Patriots have cultivated under the two decades under the command of the coach Bill Belichick, he has had the support of his peers.

From veterans to other first-year players, the Patriots have backed him from the moment he outplayed Cam Newton in the competition for the starting position on the training ground.


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