NFL: After the fake vaccination certificate, Antonio Brown caused another scandal

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After the forged vaccination certificate, he caused the next scandal

Rape allegations against NFL star

NFL star Antonio Brown is said to have sexually assaulted his fitness trainer three times. Charges have been filed. The New England Patriots player dismisses all allegations.

His criminal record is long, the last time NFL professional Antonio Brown was noticed with a forged vaccination certificate. Back on the team, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers wide receiver causes trouble again. The trainer immediately throws him out.

AAmerican football player Antonio Brown of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers caused the next scandal in the NFL and was thrown from the team by his coach afterwards. “He’s no longer a Buc,” said coach Bruce Arians after the 28:24 win at the New York Jets.

The 69-year-old coach didn’t want to say more about Brown and made it clear that he only wanted to talk about the players who were still part of his team.

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The 33-year-old Brown was so upset in the third quarter of the game against the New York Jets that he took off his jersey and just walked off the field. Brown had previously been replaced by coach Arians.

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Eight weeks suspension after moving

His teammate Mike Evans tried in vain to stop him. Brown tossed his shirt and gloves to fans in the stands. Shirtless, he then went into the dressing room at MetLife Stadium.

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Farewell throw: Antonio Brown gives away jersey and gloves. He won’t need her in Tampa anymore

Source: AP / Andrew Mills

Football pro Brown has caused a stir in the past. At the beginning of last season he switched to the Bucs, the first eight weeks he had been banned from the league for violating the code of conduct, then won the Super Bowl with his team. Most recently, Brown was sentenced to three-game suspension from the league for a forged vaccination ID.




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