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New York brutally brings Dallas back to earth | NBA

by archysport

The Knicks are doing better and their victory last night, obtained with the manner against the Mavericks, can testify (108-85). Especially since it allows them to find a balanced balance sheet.

Now victorious in seven of its last ten games, the New York franchise has had no trouble dominating this Mavs team, which however remained on six consecutive successes.

It must be said that the collective of New York (all the holders at 10 points or more), led by a great RJ Barrett (32 points), did not leave the slightest chance in Dallas, dominated from start to finish and too much clumsy from afar to hope for better. Like a cartoonish Luka Doncic of himself (21 points, 11 rebounds and 5 assists, but with 5 losses of the ball and 8/23 on shots, including 1/9 at 3-points).


Perfect night out for New York. Well started by Evan Fournier and Mitchell Robinson, who then passed the baton to Alec Burks, RJ Barrett and Julius Randle, the Knicks unrolled their basketball today. Never worried, and leading from start to finish, the New York players regaled the Garden, which has not seen its team lose in its midst for three weeks. Once is not custom, it is even the holders of New York who carried the franchise, while Randle fed on the energy of the public, breathed by Barrett and Robinson, to revive. We told you: all the lights were green, at “Big Apple”.

Dallas never in the know. End of the series for the Mavericks, unable to challenge New York domination for a single moment. Beyond having offered a less effective defense at the start of the game, the Texan players mostly collapsed on the offensive side, aligning the misfires with easy shots. This had the merit of killing their confidence very quickly. Quite simply, a match without, as it sometimes happens in a season, and where everything is thrown away. Even on the side of Luka Doncic and Jalen Brunson, usually blameless for the Mavs. Their rebound will therefore be expected on Friday evening.


RJ Barrett. In 2022, the Canadian continues to shine at Madison Square Garden and his audience gives him back. We have heard many times New York fans chanting “RJ BAR-RETT!” », So as to show him all their love. Because, the more the days go by, the more the rear of (only) 21 years old is essential like the leader of attack of the Knicks, since he has just managed his third outing of the year at 30+ points. In full confidence, the 2nd choice of the 2019 Draft is formidable from far and near, and it is all New York which benefits from its solid performances (five wins in five games, when it scores 30+ points).

Mitchell Robinson. In double-doubles (19 points, 10 rebounds), the pivot of the Knicks reigned supreme in the racket. Last night, his intensity on both sides of the floor, at each start of half-time, did a lot of good to his team, which obviously did not stop watering it with balloons. And, if his replacement Nerlens Noel was also invaluable, for his return to competition, Mitchell Robinson is the one who stood out the most, against this interior sector of Dallas orphaned by Kristaps Porzingis and clearly not up to the task. .

Quentin Grimes. Between his great defensive activity on Luka Doncic, his sense of sacrifice on both sides of the floor and his 3/6 3-point attack, the Knicks rookie once again provided solid and interesting minutes today. Showing that he had deserved his place in the rotation of Tom Thibodeau.

⛔️ The Dallas 3-point address. Illustrated by Luka Doncic’s 1/9 and Tim Hardaway Jr’s 1/7, the failure behind the Mavericks’ arc (8/37) weighed them down considerably. The Texas shooters had some great shooting positions last night, but they never really knew how to convert them. Both in the first and second half. The more time passed, the more the failures followed and the more the gap widened. This inevitably had the gift of pushing Doncic, Hardaway Jr. and others to artillery more to pick up, without more success. An evening without, no more and no less.


New York (21-21) : moving to Atlanta, overnight from Saturday to Sunday (1:30 am).

Dallas (22-19) : displacement in Memphis, in the night from Friday to Saturday (04h00).

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