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New World Champion India Challenge

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India Open 2022: Loh Kean Yew received a ‘water salute’ as the men’s individual world champion’s plane brought him back from Spain, inverted between high-powered water cannons – the flow forming a welcome arc for the winner returning to Changi Airport .

Singapore was honoring the world’s first badminton racket, a rare phenomenon in a country that loves the sport. Having paid tribute to the giant animals of China, Malaysia and Indonesia for years, this was a time to celebrate them by putting on a show.

Later, half a dozen ‘Little Red Dot’ city-state business heads established a trust fund of S $ 50,000 (INR 27,000), after realizing that the World Championships had no cash rewards, to support Ken Yeo’s future ambitions. “It’s just a new beginning for me because I used to be the underdog, but now I’m going to be one of those who want to beat him… so bad,” said Ken Yu at the airport reception.

Delhi’s KD Jadhav Hall at IG Stadium will give the new world champion his first taste of these guys, waiting to be beaten so badly at the Super 500 India Open.

With his goofy grin and carefree charm, Kean Yew doesn’t draw fierce criticism for a formidable opponent, destined for those like Kento Momota or Viktor Axelsen, who have been beaten up in the past two months. No matter how much of this leather covered pompadour crown pushes you up to 6 feet, making for a gorgeous scalp, there is always a courteous smile waiting to light up your radiant face, eliminating the danger of your lightning speed brought to you by the World title. .

The memories of the World Championship where Ken Yu beat Kedambi Srikanth are fresh, regardless of the calendar change. However, both Srikanth and HS Prannoy, who has sidelined his path to the title, fantasize about their chances of reversing their results, should they face the surprise, the gold medalist. Lakshya Sen, who defeated him in the last 12 months, while seeking his reputation in debut, will not be blamed for thinking that he could have gone all the way had he been shy with the Singaporean in the final.

“I finished the year at a high level, so it was a good year… No one will always win. The pressure is always there. I just hope I can do my best and perform, ”Ken Yu told Bai.

anxiety to be in shape

However, the gold medal is undeniable. Ask Lee Chong Wei, arguably far more legendary than any of those who reached the final quarter-finals in Spain, how elusive gold can be. And perhaps the greatest folly of the Indian bastards in Delhi – despite playing in the backyard – is being overly optimistic about their own ways, when they go against the new form on the throne. The new king’s right ankle was slightly past the world title, so those lunges and leaps could be a bit wobbly when trampled. But the draw, which could pit him against Srikanth in the semi-finals, could get tough even before that.

Those who really want to win, targeting the scalp, may be the new names: Canadian Xiadong Shen, Malaysians Soong Joo Ven and Cheam June Wei. The new season will always see the rookie and unknown hooligans.
For Kidambi Srikanth, who won in Delhi in 2015 and quickly became No. 1 and also reached the final in 2018, the start of this season will be about a lot of unfinished business – he hasn’t won a title in eons – 3 years. . Missing the World Finals keeps you hungry for title glory. And there is the Singaporean grinning from under his mop to play from across the field, who must line up to exact revenge in the rematch.

However, for the first seed, Srikanth has some bumps: a group of ambitious Indians hassled them to fly. Cyril Verma in round 1, Subhankar Dey in round two, Sameer Verma / Kiran George in the quarterfinals. Each one has a chance to beat the opponent. Targets are etched on all sizes of torque backs.

HS Prannoy at the World Championships. (Reuters)

HS Prannoy will have to rust off Pablo Abian, and could run into Mithun Manjunath, a talented Bengaluru, who is trying to lose Lakshya Sen’s shadow. Pranawi – Lakshya Going head-to-head in the quarters can be a great local Friday movie.

The young and powerful Priyanshu Rajawat, highly ranked in Hyderabad, will score first in the French challenge, but could quickly make the headlines if he defeats veteran Tommy Sugiarto. With that silly Libyan fox Ajay Jayaram, he missed Olympic qualification, albeit at Siri Fort, by a hair a decade ago. If fitness permits, and you’re in good contact with European swing, you might want to win the cute bottom half of the lottery and wow the world.

Luo Qin Yu is the world champion. But for a group of Indians hungry for global competition, this could be a good time to grab the attention of the badminton world.

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