NBA rumors: Serge Ibaka may leave Clippers

Magic has been in for a long time Serge Ibaka seems to have been extinguished and a good fault for this has been the injuries, but also the difficulty to be influential in Los Angeles Clippers. Ever since the Congolese-born, passport-Spanish player lifted the ring with the Raptors, his influence in the league has seen a truly alarming downward trend incompatible with his current salary. And it is that Ibaka is charging $ 9.7 million dollars, an unaffordable figure for some Clippers lacking special competitive objectives and with a notable extra cost compared to the salary cap. That is why they have been unleashed rumores NBA around a more than likely departure from the team before the end of the transfer deadline, on February 10, as reported by Hoopshype.

At 32, Serge is no longer that exuberant gamer who established himself as one of the league’s best defenders and intimidated under the board, but he is still a tremendously profitable player, as long as injuries are respected. To do this, you need continuity, but also an ecosystem that gives you some freedom to re-meet with your best level and choose again to be a secondary role player in a candidate for the ring. To get there you have to pay a toll, and it could be to sign for Oklahoma City Thunder, a team that has shown interest in his return in order to mentor young people and regain confidence within minutes, in order to later do some commercial exchange with him.

Ibaka will be a free agent at the end of the year, but the Clippers want to save money now

He becomes a Free Agent at the end of the season, but yes Los Angeles Clippers If they were to get rid of it sooner, they would save a whopping $ 40 million in tax penalties and have more cash available to upgrade their workforce. The goal is to arrive with a brilliant team next season, in order for Kawhi Leonard to find himself with a roster candidate for glory when he returns from injury. Serge Ibaka He has a good opportunity to explore the market in search of rediscovering himself and prolonging his golden days in the NBA. He has more than enough weapons to remain an important player, no matter how much he has lost physical power.




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