minute by minute of the match for the second date of the BetPlay League I-2022

There is enough to mesh, coordinate and work. Much remains to be polished. There is too much to improve. Junior is still in the process of assembly and trial and error. This Wednesday was more than proven. The rojiblanco team looked bad for several parts of the game and ended up losing 3-1 to Atlético Nacional, at the Atanasio Girardot stadium, in Medellín, on the second day of the League.

Coach Juan Cruz Real made several changes to the starting line-up (three due to the presence of Fredy Hinestroza and Miguel Borja in the Colombia team, and ‘Cariaco’ González in the Venezuelan team, and others due to a technical decision) and the operation deteriorated considerably . He did not defend himself or attack en bloc or with permanent intensity.

The defense is what worries the most. Jorge Arias was missed. Germán Mera showed that he is far from his best level. On the left, neither Edwin Velasco nor Gabriel Fuentes gave any guarantees. Nilson Castrillón put in a good cross to promote Fernando Uribe’s goal and nothing more. In the middle did not feel a customs either.

With shortcomings and insecurity in the marking of the bands, a crack in the central defense and leaks in the midfield, the ‘Sharks’ offered some advantages that cannot be granted against a rival like the Purslane team.

Nacional opened the scoring just 5 minutes into the game, with a goal against Didier Moreno from a corner kick. The midfielder was chasing an opponent and in his effort to prevent him from heading, he ended up pushing the ball with his humanity towards his own goal. Expensive blunder and that made the visitors row harder.

Junior, unlike the game against the Patriots, was unable to exert pressure and develop his game in the first few minutes. Atlético Nacional took possession of the ball and blocked the paths of the rojiblancos when they wanted to progress.

Yesus Cabrera was closely guarded and chased by the nearest green man as he attempted to grab the ball and lead the team out.

Handcuffed the clearest and most skillful player for the first pass and the search for penetration, the ‘Sharks’ were frustrated and entangled.

While the Cartagena player was surrounded and repressed, Jarlan Barrera had spaces to do his thing and sow anxiety in Sebastián Viera’s area. The former rojiblanco samarium, with Daniel Mantilla and Yerson Candelo as cronies, with the consent of Edwin Velasco, starred in several approaches in which he lacked aim or Junior’s goalkeeper and captain got in the way.

The lack of skill and the gloves of the Uruguayan prevented the greens from scoring more goals.

Junior, after scoring, reacted, managed to raise the lines more, handled the ball at times and prowled Kevin Mier’s cabin, although without being able to go deeper and create clear goal options for Fernando Uribe, who was little noticed, as was Omar. Bathrobe and Daniel Giraldo.

In the midst of their offensive attempts, Nacional counterattacked dangerously with the gate that Velasco had open on the left side. The lack of rhythm and distance of the left-handed marker was too evident, that’s why Juan Cruz Real replaced him at half-time with Gabriel Fuentes.

But Fuentes little or nothing improved things. Nacional got together and converted the second after a gig that rounded off the Jarlan-Mantilla partnership. The samarium enabled and the Santanderean finished off with power to shake the network.

Junior did not find the light to illuminate the route to the host goal and only came close to equalizing after Fernando Uribe scored the discount. There was enthusiasm and hope for equality, but it faded with the passing of the minutes due to Atletico’s impotence and because Nacional began to cool down the game and burn time.

The tombstone of the game was put by Nacional when Fuentes tolerated Andrade’s escape and center that Mera was unable to firmly reject. The ball was left to Dorlan Pabón and bye-bye the possibility of a draw. This is just getting started and Junior is trying to find a team and a functioning. It will continue in trial and error until it stabilizes.


4. Felipe Aguilar enters as ‘Pedro por su casa’ and enables Jefferson Duque, who defines with a soft shot down that Viera deflects.

5. National goal. Collection of a corner kick and Didier Moreno, in his eagerness to prevent Olivera from heading, ended up putting the ball into his own goal.

9. Junior claims a penalty before a pull from Olivera to Cetré in the area. The referee Andrés Rojas did not consider it a foul. The VAR reviewed and supported the central judge.

12. Shot by Jarlan Barrera that buzzed past Viera’s left post.

17. Yesus Cabrera snatches the ball from Mejía and faces the goal, but he got confused with Uribe and they lost the ball.

21. Cetré’s shot that deviates in Oliveira’s head.

29. Edwin Velasco’s mistake when receiving a pass from Mera, he loses the ball and Jarlan warms up Viera’s gloves with a rifle shot. The rebound is left to Mantilla and he wastes a clear scoring opportunity.

31. Mier stretches and takes a very strong right shot from Velasco.

34. Candelo unwisely defines a clear scoring situation on a counterattack.

37. Cetré shot from long distance that passes near the upper right corner of Mier.

44. Mantilla’s escape from the right and center that Viera rejects. The rebound is left to Duque and the Uruguayan saves with a great save.


50. Junior’s goal. Good collective play by Nacional that ends with subtle assistance from Jarlan towards Mantilla, who kicks first, low and with power to beat Viera.

65. Viera rescues his goal before hand in hand with Yeison Guzmán.

76. Junior goal. Nilson Castrillón’s center to the far post, Carmelo Valencia headed it down and Fernando Uribe took the opportunity to score.

90+1. Cetré sends to the clouds a goal option that was left after receiving a surprise charge from a corner in the area.

90+2. National goal. Gabriel Fuentes allows Andrés Andrade to sneak in on the right and send a cross that Germán Mera erratically rejects. The ball was served to Dorlan Pabón and he took a shot down to the right hand of Viera.



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